System Features

Nurse Call Points

Unlimited number of Nurse Call Points.

Evacuation System

Unlimited number of Evacuation Trigger Points and sirens.

Smartphone App

Integrated smartphone app for monitoring and configuration.

No Repeaters

Excellent wireless range with no repeaters required.

Touchscreen Control Unit

User-friendly Touchscreen Control Unit.


Simple installation and configuration.

Easy To Manage

Fully self-managed with optional offsite monitoring.

Any Site

There is no site too big or too small. Easily extend to match site growth or project phases.

Easy Config

Each device can be named for easy recognition when attending to alerts and monitoring site activity.

Offsite Monitoring

Certified technicians can monitor your system for ultimate peace of mind.

Smartphone App Screenshots

How it works

The Safety Manager 2.0 uses the latest wireless technology in a digital mesh that eliminates the need for signal repeaters between devices.

The system is designed to be userprogrammable from the onsite Touchscreen Control Unit, as well as from anywhere in the world via a secure smartphone app that can be in fulltime communication with the installation site and our cloud-based monitoring servers.

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How it works


If you're looking for support, we've got you covered.

Request support directly from your
Touchscreen Control Unit.
Request support directly from the
Smartphone App.
Phone our support team on
+61 2 9011 7171