Our History

Established in 2006, Vanguard Wireless is a leading Australian owned and operated technology company. We specialise in designing and manufacturing wireless safety alert systems for workplace emergencies.

From the beginning, we were acutely aware of a gap in the market. Traditionally, nurse call systems and evacuation sirens have been costly, poorly maintained and in some instances simply did not work.

We wanted to change this with a new offering suitable for the Australian industry, one that met the country’s specific requirements and regulations and utilised the latest technology to do so. With the introduction of two-way communication, a proprietary smartphone app and a design that removes the need for cabling and repeaters, we have created an industry leading wireless safety alert system that can keep your workforce safe by minimising response times to emergencies and evacuations via real time app and SMS notifications provides easy access to remote monitoring, real time visibility of system status and automated event logs helps you save time and money, meet safety compliance requirements and has a warranty for the life of any project.

With the knowledge, skills and experience to design the right wireless safety alert system for any workplace, and our personal service, Vanguard Wireless is the right choice for your business.

Igor Kazagrandi

Igor is the founder and CEO of Vanguard Wireless.

His background in the construction industry led him to identifying the need for smarter ways to improve workplace safety. For over a decade, through constant innovation, research and development, Igor has brought together the right team and the right products that make Vanguard Wireless the market leader in wireless safety alert systems.

With his experience and expertise on topics relating to workplace safety, he is a sought-after guest speaker at events, educational talks and workshops.

Alongside his busy work schedule with Vanguard Wireless, Igor takes great pleasure in making himself available to assist private organisations, safety committees, industry associations such as the Master Builders Association and anyone else also striving towards better safety on site.


I've been exposed to some horrible workplace accidents, and early on I knew there had to be a better way to handle when things go wrong. I'm proud of what we've achieved and the great feedback our products get. - Igor KAZAGRANDI