App Only System Management

Easily manage your entire system with our innovative smartphone app

App Only Management

Utilising Vanguard Wireless' Smartphone App

If you install a system that's comprised of JUST our cellular connected devices, you can manage your system utilising just our app.

Vanguard Wireless’ smartphone app removes all speculation by leaving nothing to chance. With the app you can:

  • View individual unit power and connectivity status in real time
  • Be alerted to when a device is low on power or has lost connection
  • Easily reposition a device to improve connectivity
  • Run tests, manage user authorisations, view activity reports - all from your smartphone

By using the smartphone app to manage your safety alert system, you can monitor and authorise activity without needing to be on site. Following are some of the key tasks you can undertake entirely from your phone.


Quickly Position Devices

The app is really useful for checking that a device you've just installed is connected to the system. Cellular connected devices do not rely on radio frequency, so they aren't subject to range issues. However they do rely on cellular tower transmissions so you should always make sure you position your devices where it can maintain the strongest signal. If this signal drops out, you will receive an immediate notification on your phone. Plus if you've set yourself up to receive device disconnection SMS notifications you will also receive an SMS.


Naming & Renaming Devices

Once you position a device and can see that it's connected to the system, you need to assign it a unique name and location description. It's important you maintain this list as it's a primary indicator for respondents as to where the emergency is occurring. The whole process takes about 60 seconds.

Renaming a device does not remove that device's history of activity from the system log so you'll still be able to view comprehensive reports.


Triggering & Responding To Events

You can trigger an evacuation event via the app, and select whether or not to activate all sirens or individual sirens. You can also use the app to end an evacuation.

When a Nurse Call event is triggered (either by a device or via the app) an ALERT notification is pushed through to the app. Any user of the app can choose whether to ACCEPT or DECLINE an event, and responses are pushed through to nominated personnel via an optional SMS. 



All system activity is logged for reporting and auditing including when alerts were triggered and by whom (where relevant), the reason for the nurse call alert, and who accepted or declined the nurse call alert. You can view or email the reports in the log section at any time.


Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app can accommodate up to 50 registered users at a time. To understand what the smartphone app can do for you and your business please get in touch.












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