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Vanguard Wireless' proprietary smartphone app has been developed to help you manage your safety alert system in the way you want to manage it

The only system that offers full management mobility

With Vanguard Wireless' smartphone app, system managers can see exactly what is happening with the system without having to be on site. 

With location services and geofencing, site management can send notifications ONLY to those within the isolated area (workers will not receive alerts when they're at home or off site). Users can create a nurse call alert via the app by selecting a virtual location. Key personnel can also launch a mass evacuation by sending an evacuation notification to every worker's mobile phone. They can also account for every worker during a mass evacuation by reviewing who has exited the geofenced area.




Utilise the location services of your worker's mobile phones to isolate their locations in real time with geofencing.

By isolating a specific area on a map (the geofence) such as your business location, site location, or primary worker location/s, you can be really targeted with the information you share with people inside or outside the geofenced area.

If a worker's location is known to be outside the geofence, you can ensure they do not receive emergency alert or system messages.

You can also identify if they are still within the geofence during an emergency event - such as a full site lockdown or evacuation.

If your geofence includes public spaces but you would like a triggering device located there (such as a nurse call) you can set up a virtual device location.


Lockdown Mode web

Lockdown OR Evacuation

Some businesses will want a lockdown option for their emergency alert systems.

It could be if there's an intruder and it's safer to get everyone to remain in place, rather than trigger an evacuation.

It could also be if there's an issue in a specific high-traffic location, and the business does not want workers near that area.

If using sirens, a lockdown is set up with a different siren pattern. Nominated users are also notified discreetly via SMS and the app.

This feature can be added upon request by Vanguard Wireless head office.


Virtual Nurse Call

Pocket Nurse Call

Vanguard Wireless give you the ability to create virtual nurse call locations and give permission to nominated users to trigger a nurse call from these locations. This is perfect for situations where a physical nurse call triggering device cannot be installed (for whatever reason).

Utilising the geofencing feature, medical alerts are only triggered by those on site (e.g. within the geofence), and only sent to key personnel on site (who are able to respond). 

Users who are set up to receive event specific SMS notifications will also see who has accepted or declined to respond.


Mass Evac

Mass Evac

Most evacuation systems don't give you the option to select which sirens should be triggered. They also rely on everyone on site understanding what action to take once a siren is triggered.

Using our app you can send a mass evacuation message to every nominated worker's mobile phone, clearly communicating what action is required.

Plus if you're utilising the geofencing feature, and they have location services turned on, you can make sure only those on site are alerted. You can also see who is yet to evacuate the site.


Range new - Connectivity

Systems For Every Business

Select from stand alone evacuation systems, nurse call only systems or an integration of the two. 

Select how alerts are triggered, what is communicated, and how it's communicated to key personnel and workers on site.

Also select from mesh RF or cellular connected devices, and the number of sirens to suit your site.

Our sales team can build a system completely to your specific business needs. To read more about the systems we offer CLICK HERE.












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