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Technology Trends Shaping the Construction Industry

Posted by Igor Kazagrandi | Apr 15, 2019 7:22:00 PM

Traditionally, the construction industry has not been one for innovation, but this has begun to change. With new products appearing that improve safety, streamline administration and even inspire clients, there’s no doubt that technology is here to stay.

While some of the technology trends in this article are specific for the construction industry, it is also a matter of outside trends finally making their way onto sites. What do construction sites of the future look like? Read on to find out.

Augmented Reality Finally Becomes Popular

In the construction industry, the use of augmented reality can begin right at the beginning of the project. Clients and potential buyers can see the development they’re investing in, giving them a greater understanding and deeper connection to the work to come. When construction commences, these same principles can be used to examine sites, provide statistics on productivity and even guide workers on how to complete tasks safely on site.

If you’re looking for an example of how VR can impact on the full breadth of a project, consider the building of 22 Bishopsgate in London. While the technology has not become mainstream yet, as costs drop further and products continue to be released, it is something that will grow on sites in the years to come.

Prefabrication & Modular Building Increases

This has been a predicted trend within the construction industry for the last few years, but the costs and timing have continued to be prohibitive. In 2019, this is due to change.

Studies have found that the use of modular building can now be up to 65% faster and it is likely that most companies will begin to explore the potential of this to speed up construction times. In turn, the reduced time required will lower project costs and potentially create safer work sites as processes are streamlined.

Drones Become Mainstream

Like Augmented Reality, drones have been a topic in the construction industry in the last few years. Their potential benefits on site has always been clear – the technology allows for the ease surveying and monitoring of sites, saving companies both time and money while also potentially lowering the risk for accidents. However, their high costs and the potential regulation issues has meant their adoption has been relatively low.

However, with one of the world’s biggest companies beginning their trial on drones delivery, it is likely that the Amazon effect will push adoption higher In 2019.

Data takes off

95% of data in the construction industry is either not being collected in the first place or thrown away but cloud and mobile technology will change this. Increasingly, companies are looking at software and technology solutions that will aid reporting and streamline administrative requirements. Whether this is OH&S requirements with a centralised database and training options or the collation of key project points to develop greater project understanding, companies who utilise their data will benefit from increased knowledge.

Wearable Technology Continues to Grow

Wearable technology has represented one of the greatest innovations in worker safety, but in the coming years, it will really come into its own. While safety will continue to be a major factor with the proliferation of GPS trackers and phone apps, the applications of wearable technology will expand into data collection and communication.

Devices will create an opportunity for companies to get near instant insights into the activities on site, allowing managers and supervisors to focus on other areas of their roles. In turn, this knowledge will inform future projects to create more accurate timelines and enhanced productivity. They will also represent valuable training and communication opportunities for workers as they connect further with Augmented Reality Options.

Green Construction Hits a Peak

As the issues of climate control continue to be debated, the influence of the people will be heard for the construction industry. Demanding lower pollution, the reduction of waste and a movement away from disposable goods, companies that can offer green construction will reap the benefits.

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Written by Igor Kazagrandi