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Key Construction Market Trends For 2022

Posted by Igor Kazagrandi | Nov 1, 2021 11:24:21 AM

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Process Digitisation: this includes smart evacuation and medical alert systems, the use of drones to inspect hard-to-access areas, the emergence of robots to handle dangerous tasks, and installation environmental sensors that detect changes and alert personnel so workers can be evacuated.

Efficiency With Tech: with the rise of apps in business management, it makes sense that any process that can be moved online will be, particularly when it provides multiple stakeholders with ‘one source of truth’. The result is real-time, actionable data that leads to rapid decision making and ongoing process improvement.

Labour Force Management: trade schools need to continue to position a career in construction as a viable option for school leavers. The industry also needs to encourage women to pursue construction careers to fill the workforce gap. Once borders reopen training will be vital to manage a transient workforce.

To protect workers – and remain operational – businesses will also need to invest in technology that assists them to minimise COVID-19 exposure, such as real time reports of who is on site, and what risk they pose to business operations.

Prefab, Modular, Offsite: with extreme weather events becoming more common, and temperature fluctuations becoming harder to predict, it makes sense that businesses look at what efficiencies can be gained from off site construction. Improved technology is making these options more cost effective, and climate controlled ventilated environments can support social distancing measures with split shift workforces.

Regional Projects: with many businesses now promoting ‘work-from-home’ options, the focus is likely to move from metro to regional, with many now investigating a move to more affordable regional centres. Thus, there are likely to greater opportunities for construction businesses to develop lower risk residential subdivisions and multi generation houses. With access to more land we are also likely to see a move towards developments that expand horizontally rather than vertically, which are sympathetic to their natural surrounds by adopting ‘greenscaping’, and can withstand expected challenges presented by climate change.

Smart Cities: developers will look to work more closely with tech companies on incorporating what is currently off-the-shelf, retrofitted tech (think home automation, app managed appliances, security systems, and artificial intelligence) into intelligent infrastructure. Emphasis will be on delivering an environmental benefit for the development, residents, wider local community by minimising waste and energy use.

Vanguard Wireless’ systems can help you take advantage of a number of these trends now. Reach out to find out more.

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Written by Igor Kazagrandi