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Protecting Workers With World First Cellular Units

Posted by Simone Poulter | Oct 29, 2020 4:10:12 PM

As buildings around the country age, and prime real estate becomes less available, refurbishment projects are becoming increasingly common. However, these projects are more challenging than new construction projects because they require operators to accommodate existing structures, often with confined spaces and limited access. This can pose a greater safety risk for workers who must work in an environment initially constructed to adhere to different building regulations.

Emergency alert systems are a requirement of any business’ emergency plan, but how these are configured is largely up to the operator. If a system utilises radio frequency, devices (nurse call and evacuation triggers and sirens) must form a mesh network. Sometimes a mesh network cannot be formed due to range or obstruction, a particular challenge on some refurbishment projects.


Vanguard Wireless’ new IoT cellular systems solve these issues.

The IoT cellular nurse call and evacuation devices have been designed for sites with interesting layouts that struggle to implement a conventional mesh RF system. By using a cellular connection, devices do not need to sit within range of one another (< 600m), particularly useful when the worksite is spread over considerable distance. It also saves the project money, by not requiring repeaters or additional devices to build the mesh.

Another benefit for businesses utilising a cellular system is the personal nurse call feature. With Vanguard Wireless’ smartphone app, workers now have a nurse call device in their pocket. With studies showing that Covid-19 can survive up to 72 hours on stainless steel and plastic surfaces, businesses need to be vigilant in cleaning high touch areas including buttons, switches, and turnstiles. Any practices that can be implemented to reduce worker contact will only have a positive impact on their safety.


FDC and BY Group have taken advantage of Vanguard Wireless’ cellular solution

FDC is a leading Australian construction, fit out and refurbishment operator needed a single system that could work across multiple building floors in the Sydney CBD. Consideration needed to be given to how the site would be accessed and managed, particularly as other floors were tenanted. In the event of an emergency, response rates could be impacted by the challenging site configuration so the system needed to be reliable, flexible and offer real time transparency as to power and connectivity.

BY Group is a Supply Nation certified, Indigenous owned and managed national construction and civil works business. They chose to utilise the cellular system for their most recent project which involves multiple worksites in an occupied facility. The system can be easily monitored and managed remotely utilising Vanguard Wireless’ smartphone app, particularly useful as BY Group’s head office is over 150km away. The cellular system is perfect for projects of all sizes due to the investment required.

The cellular systems offer the same benefits for businesses that Vanguard Wireless’ mesh systems offer. The ability to self-manage the system means additional investment in system maintenance (including specialist installation and expensive manufacturer call outs) is virtually non-existent. Most importantly the use of one can vastly improve the speed in which medical emergencies are addressed.


If your business has been not been able to install a system like ours previously due to retrofitting costs, or issues with range or flexibility, then you need to speak to us.

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Written by Simone Poulter