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Protecting Workers With Personal Nurse Calls

Posted by Simone Poulter | Apr 30, 2020 10:08:41 AM

With studies showing that Covid-19 can survive up to 72 hours on stainless steel and plastic surfaces, businesses need to be vigilant in cleaning high touch areas including buttons, switches, and turnstiles.

Any practices that can be implemented to reduce worker contact will only have a positive impact on their safety.

Personal Nurse Call Triggers
Regardless of the nurse call system your business uses, you can make your site safer for your workers with a virtual nurse call system.

  • Turns worker mobile phones into personal nurse call triggers
  • Alert notifications pushed out to designated users
  • Everyone notified of response
  • Used in conjunction with our hardware or as a stand alone solution


These features are really important and only made possible with Vanguard Wireless' smartphone app - something no other safety alert system supplier can offer.


Geofencing & Location Targeting

Another feature of the Vanguard Wireless smartphone app is geofencing, which will change the way you communicate to your team about an emergency.

A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. It can be dynamically generated—as in a radius around a point location — however with our app you set it using four points on a map.

You can choose to set the perimeter just around a particular building on your site, or you can set a wider perimeter to include key areas such as a carpark, cafe strip or off site office. 

The benefit of geofencing your area is huge:

  1. Firstly, it allows you to set up your system so only nominated workers within your site perimeter receive notifications about on site emergencies (so James, who isn't rostered on and isn't anywhere near the site, doesn't receive notification to evacuate)
  2. In an emergency - particularly an evacuation - you can understand who is still on site or is yet to evacuate, critical information in the event of a building collapse, fire or chemical spill

Set Up A Demo
The best way to understand how these features will make your work site safer for your workers, customers and visitors, is to run through a quick demo with our team. Click the Book A Demo button at the top of the screen to get started.

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Written by Simone Poulter

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