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Incident Reduction With Safety Software

Posted by Guest Post | Apr 19, 2022 1:15:00 PM

Incident Reduction In The Workplace

As a business owner or manager, it’s important to have a comprehensive workplace safety plan in place, so that your employees are protected at all times. An evacuation or nurse call system is a great way to manage a workplace emergency. But you may also be wondering what strategies you can adopt to help prevent workplace accidents before they happen.

No matter what industry you operate in, the right safety software can minimise your workplace’s exposure to risks and keep your employees safe.

Safety software can be used to track and manage safety data, identify trends and potential hazards, and develop corrective actions to reduce future incidents and emergencies.

With safety software, you can take control of your workplace and have confidence knowing that your team is following the right safety protocols. Here are some of the key features of safety software that will help you improve and maintain oversight of your company’s safety practices.

Report Incidents & Near Misses

With safety software, you can be sure that your workplace incidents are being properly documented and reported.

Most safety software programs allow workers to report incidents as they happen via their phones or computers. After the incident has been filed, safety software can then automate many of the follow-on tasks, such as sending notifications to employees or managers.

Safety software also enables you to keep track of when, where and what type of incidents have occurred, meaning you can identify any trends and implement preventive measures for the future.

Conduct Inspections and Audits

Safety software also streamlines how your workers complete inspections and audits, allowing you to do away with time-consuming paperwork.

With safety software, you can customise the fields of your inspection forms and audits to include comments, photos, dates and times, and corrective actions.

Safety software simplifies the process of conducting inspections and site audits and makes it easy and enjoyable for your staff, improving not only your safety standards but your team’s morale!

By facilitating thorough inspections, safety software also helps your business stay on top of safety protocols, minimising the risk of potential incidents.

Identify Hazards and Corrective Actions

Many safety software programs allow users to simply snap a photo of a potential hazard and upload it to the database for corrective action. This ensures that all hazards - big and small - are promptly identified by your team, instead of being cast aside for another day.

Safety software also helps you develop corrective action plans based on these hazards, reducing the likelihood that the hazard will lead to an accident or emergency.

Manage Employee Training

With safety software, you can also manage your employees’ completion of training programs and attainment of licences and certifications.

This allows you to make sure your employees’ skills are current and that they are able to perform their jobs to the highest and safest standards, reducing the risks that can arise when employees don’t know what they’re doing.

Choosing The Right Software

When it comes to choosing the right safety software for your company, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to make sure that the software is user-friendly and easy for your entire staff to use. You’ll also want to check that the software has the ability to track and manage a variety of safety data.

Most importantly, you’ll want to ensure that the software is customisable to fit the specific needs of your business. For example, if you’re in construction, you may want your safety software to include a contractor management component.

With the ability to manage and reduce all kinds of workplace incidents, safety software is a great investment for any business looking to streamline their safety plans and protect their workers.

Guest blog submitted by Keely Tzoukos of Safety Champion.

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