For some organisations, workplace health and safety is just a matter of ticking a few boxes before moving onto more important things. However, this is an extremely limited view and fails to consider the significant impacts safety can have on a company’s performance.

For organisations that want to grow, taking a new look at safety is essential. From worker retention and recruitment to improved reputation and cost savings or even increased contracts, creating a culture of safety can have wide reaching effects. It can even be one of your greatest competitive advantages.

Find out how below.

Come Visit Us in May

Published 07/03/2019

See our wireless safety alert systems in person throughout May.

Vanguard Wireless will be attending two expos in May to show our full range of wireless safety alert systems. The full range of products will be on display to demonstrate our unique nurse call and evacuation system capabilities.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Australian Construction Awards 2019

Vanguard Wireless has been nominated under the Health & Safety Solution of the Year category, an award that celebrates an outstanding contribution to improved H&S in the industry.

Construction companies irrespective of size do their best to adhere to safe work practices on their sites. At a company level, safety measures are implemented across projects and are usually supported and monitored by people on site.

In such a rapidly changing environment, construction sites can become areas where inherent danger can suddenly create situations with the potential to cause harm to workers.

Workplace Culture and Site Safety

Published 03/02/2019

Few industries are as dynamic and complex in nature as a construction site. Changes in personnel, multi-disciplinary teams at differing stages, looming deadlines, extended hours and the weather can have a detrimental effect on the safety of workers on site.