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Safety Manager 2.0

Safety Manager 2.0 is Vanguard Wireless’ solution to traditional safety alert systems.

Utilising a long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency, Safety Manager 2.0 is a combination of wireless evacuations sirens and nurse call points. This wireless safety alert system uses no repeaters to allow for flexible configuration and increased reliability. It also utilises cloud technology for real-time monitoring and a detailed reporting log, letting companies focus less on administration and more on project delivery.

There are two other features that make Safety Manager 2.0 an industry-leading product. The first innovation is the creation of a smartphone app, available for both IOS and Android. Our smartphone app gives users full control, allowing companies to reconfigure and test their system, control evacuation sirens as well as receive and respond to alerts directly from the app. It also ensures everyone has access to critical information in real time and even allows users to safely initiate an evacuation in the case of an emergency.

Additionally, Safety Manager 2.0 is the only wireless safety alert system that includes two-way audio and visual feedback. While traditional systems allow an injured worker to call for help, they provide no acknowledgement that the message has been transmitted or the call for help accepted. In comparison, Safety Manager 2.0 uses a series of audio and visual cues to indicate help is on the way, providing reassurance to lower the acute stress of an injured worker.

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Standalone Evacuation System

While Safety Manager 2.0 provides a comprehensive safety alert system, our stand-alone wireless evacuation system is a simple solution for those locations that just want to ensure they can trigger an evacuation in the case of an emergency.
Compromised of any number of sirens and triggers, our standalone system can grow as your site does. Both mains and battery powered, the evacuation trigger points can be connected to any 230VAC or 12VDC siren.

In the case of an emergency, our evacuation sirens can be implemented across your location within minutes.

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