Health and aged care environments have unique needs for a nurse call system. Reliability is paramount, while an intuitive design and flexible set up are crucial to ensure the system is easy to use for staff and suitable for a variety of locations and patient needs.

We believe that Vanguard Wireless’ experience in the construction and warehousing industries puts us in a unique position to understand the demanding requirements of clinical locations. By nature, the sites we have worked on are complicated and demand a nurse call system that can perform in difficult and varying conditions and our revolutionary Safety Manager 2.0 does just that.

Our nurse call system is this product reimagined for the healthcare industry.

Powered by a main control unit, our wireless nurse call system is composed of a variety of system components. From nurse call buttons, nurse call lights and nurse call sirens, you can design a setup that suits your unique location. This main control unit also makes it easy for users to reconfigure and test their system, while our monitoring provides the in-depth reporting you need to understand your location.

Our nurse call system is also designed to be easy to use for all staff members. Staff can see all activities on the system right from their main control unit, allowing them to receive and respond to emergency alerts directly. To ensure the quickest response time possible, our smartphone app also allows mobile staff to do the same.

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Custom Solutions for Healthcare

At Vanguard Wireless, we pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions for all the companies we work with. For many, the flexibility of our standard Nurse Call System and its various components is enough, but larger or more tailored facilities may have different needs or require further integration with existing software and hardware.

If this is the case in your organisation, we will work with you to devise a system that ensures patient safety across your location. Whether it is an aged care residence where you wish your nurse call system to be less clinical in appearance or a location where integration with existing hardware is paramount, we will create a product that fits your requirements.

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