Nurse Call System - TCU Managed

Easily manage your medical alert system with our touchscreen control unit and optional smartphone app

Nurse Call System - TCU Managed

What's A Nurse Call Unit?

In a medical emergency, a nurse call unit is one of the most effective ways to notify a group that help is needed, so a coordinated response can be launched in accordance with your business' safety management plan.

Vanguard Wireless’ innovative nurse call triggers and sirens address traditional barriers to installing and using a nurse call system: they’re simple to install, simple to manage and simple to maintain – all by your own team.


The Benefit Of Mesh RF

Mesh nurse call units utilise a radio frequency signal to connect and communicate with the rest of the system. Our mesh units run on a long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency. The range of each device is about 400m to 1km (taking into account on site obstructions).

To build a network each device simply needs to sit within the range of another. With no repeaters, they allow for flexible configuration and increased reliability to ensure safety is always your priority.

There's no limit to the number of devices that can make up the network BUT you do need to be wary of obstructions - such as thick walls or floors - which can impact the connectivity of a device.

A mesh nurse call system needs a TCU (touchscreen control unit) to help manage the system. An optional smartphone app can also be integrated to allow for full system flexibility.


Simple To Install

  • Wireless construction – no specialist installation
  • Installed in minutes – learn it into the central system, locate it, name it, monitor it
  • Easily retrofitted


Simple To Manage

  • Real time individual unit power and connectivity status updates
  • Single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • Two-way notifications
  • Reassure injured workers that the call has been sent and accepted
  • Event reporting
  • Optional smartphone app and SMS notifications


Underpinned By A World Class Operating System

Another point of difference when comparing our systems against others in the market is our operating system. The centralised management and maintenance control panel is what helps remove any speculation from system management. 

Utilising the Touchscreen Control Unit (TCU) and optional smartphone app (iOS and Android) system managers can:

  • View in real time any device's system connectivity and power status
  • View system users and their activity
  • Add or edit users including unique names and passwords
  • Enable and connect devices (if you need to expand your system in conjunction with your project's expansion)
  • Name and rename devices
  • Set up SMS notifications (should you also opt into using our smartphone app)
  • Respond to nurse call events
  • End nurse call events
  • Monitor who Accepts/Declines to respond to a nurse call event
  • Send push notifications to key personnel
  • Quickly position/reposition new devices
  • Monitor system events remotely

For instances where our mesh nurse call units won't work, you need our cellular nurse call unit. CLICK HERE to learn more about our cellular option.











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