Safety Alert System Operating System

Vanguard Wireless' intuitive operating system makes monitoring and management simple and easy

The only system that removes the risk of 'Press & Guess'

Imagine you’re at work and someone near you collapses to the ground. You’re not sure what’s wrong but you know you need help. You run to the nearest nurse call point and press the button. Nothing happens. You run back to the injured person and call out for help. Eventually someone hears you and the alert is raised. But it’s been at least five minutes and that could be the difference between life and death.

In order to be an effective part of an emergency plan, any evacuation or medical alert device that forms part of a safety alert system MUST be powered and connected to the rest of the system AT ALL TIMES. You need to have full visibility to any device’s status. Unfortunately, a lot of safety systems on the market do not offer this feature. Users are expected to work on blind faith that a device will work when they need it to, which is incredibly dangerous.

You need a system that you can be 100% confident is working, because the operating system tells you that it’s connected and powered. You should demand a device that informs you and your team that an alert has been raised and action is being taken. Systems need to keep both the injured worker and the responsible personnel informed of what is going on with “their call for help”, even if it isn’t verbal. 

Utilising smart technology, our safety alert systems assist customers to maintain a safe work site, increase productivity and save money on management and maintenance. Time saving features, flexible configurations, self-management tools and integrated reporting address the primary frustrations for system managers – an ability to understand how their system is performing in real time, and an ability to modify their system whenever they want.

Vanguard Wireless' evacuation and medical alert systems are underpinned by an incredibly powerful control panel, which is available on a touchscreen control unit and smartphone app. You can select from one or the other or both. 



TCU Managed

If you want a centralised system management portal then you'll need our touchscreen control unit (TCU).

With a simple and intuitive interface, it connects to the internet via WiFi, SIM card or Ethernet and enables businesses to easily manage their wireless safety alert system.

The TCU lets you add or edit up to 50 users for one site. You also use it to add, remove or reconfigure evacuation sirens and nurse call points for maximum flexibility.

It performs ongoing health checks to ensure the system is performing optimally and alerts users to any issues.

It also allows for manual testing and maintains a detailed log of all system interactions through cloud technology, perfect for safety audits.

The TCU displays any activity of the safety system itself. This allows TCU users to respond in emergencies or even trigger and cancel full or partial site evacuations.


Mass Evac

App Managed

Use of our iPhone and Android smartphone app ensures you have full visibility to the status of the system, regardless of whether you're on site or 1000km away.

With the app you'll be able to:

  • Edit users
  • Respond to medical and evacuation alerts remotely
  • Activate/deactivate evacuation sirens
  • Review status of system components in real-time
  • Rename devices/location
  • View next scheduled onsite maintenance visit & next scheduled system test

If you don't need a centralised system management portal and your devices all utilise cellular connectivity, then you and your team can choose to use just the app.

The app allows for up to 50 unique users per site.

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Systems For Every Business

Select from stand alone evacuation systems, nurse call only systems or an integration of the two. 

Select how alerts are triggered, what is communicated, and how it's communicated to key personnel and workers on site.

Also select from mesh RF or cellular connected devices, and the number of sirens to suit your site.

Our sales team can build a system completely to your specific business needs. To find out more about the systems we offer CLICK HERE.












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