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For extra peace of mind, Vanguard Wireless offers a range of packages for monitoring and maintenance for your wireless safety alert system. For companies who are part of our Vanguard Partner Program, this service is offered free of charge.

Depending on your needs, we offer services such as a scheduled callout for testing, monthly reporting or simply monitoring for system health issues. For companies that want full peace of mind regarding their wireless safety system, we can even take over the maintenance completely.

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Health Check Alerts

Flexible Options

Whether you want a completely managed service or simply some extra support in the case of an emergency, our monitoring and maintenance packages will have something to suit all companies


Complimentary to Vanguard Partner Program Members

Our Vanguard Partner Program [link] has many benefits to its members and includes all complimentary monitoring of your wireless safety alert system, allowing companies to focus more on project delivery.

Streamlined Support

Streamlined Support

Request support directly from your touchscreen control unit. Plus, as your entire safety alert system is visible on our monitoring system, no request for support or maintenance begins with you needing to describe the issue.

Health Check Alerts2

Health Check Alerts

With real-time monitoring of all your system components including nurse call systems and evacuation sirens, we will take action if a health check indicates your safety on site is in jeopardy from a low battery or wireless connection.


Remote Logging

With cloud technology, every event and user action is logged and stored. Whether it is during an audit, general site activity or in the case of an investigation, we can provide the critical information you need.



All customers with a managed service will receive monthly reports, detailing device statuses, user activity, physical test results and any onsite maintenance carried out.

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