Vanguard Partner Program


Vanguard Wireless is committed to improving safety on site and creating the best products and technology to make this happen. The Vanguard Partnership Program invites companies with a like-minded goal to join us and receive a range of exclusive benefits while also helping us prioritise workplace safety across industries.

Vanguard Partner Program



Complimentary Monitoring & Maintenance

To save extra time and money, all VPP members receive complimentary monitoring across their wireless safety alert systems. This ensures that none of your sites are ever jeopardised by low battery or weak wireless signals as well as promises a regular maintenance schedule and monthly reporting

Real time Wireless Communication

Streamline Multiple Sites

For companies that operate multiple sites, we make it easy to stay on top of all your results, no matter where you are. From reporting to critical alerts, if anything happens on your site, you will know about it


Collaboration on New Features and Products

Vanguard Wireless continues to innovate our offering to provide the best features across our range of wireless evacuation sirens and nurse call systems. Being a member of the VPP allows you to work with us during the development phase to create a product that fills your specific needs.


Exceptional Rates

Access exclusive pricing for the full range of our wireless safety alert systems as you roll it out across all your sites


Warranty for the Life of the Project

If anything goes wrong with your nurse call system or evacuations sirens at any point in your project, we will fix it or replace it free of charge


Innovation Opportunities

Have early access to our products and the opportunity to test new innovations before they are released to the general public

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