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Traditionally, construction sites have been served by inadequate safety alert systems. Requiring repeaters and expensive cabling, these systems have struggled with the flexibility and scalability needed for large or complex sites.

Vanguard Wireless’ systems address these problems.

Utilising a long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency, our safety alert systems are a combination of wireless evacuations sirens and nurse call points. This wireless system uses no repeaters to allow for flexible configuration and increased reliability. It also utilises cloud technology for real-time monitoring and a detailed reporting log, letting companies focus less on administration and more on project delivery.

Two features make Vanguard Wireless' systems an industry-leading product

Our customers have access to our innovative smartphone app, available for both IOS and Android. Our app gives users full control, allowing companies to reconfigure and test their system, control evacuation sirens as well as receive and respond to alerts directly from the app. It also ensures everyone has access to critical information in real time and even allows users to safely initiate an evacuation in the case of an emergency.

Our systems is the only one on the market to include two-way audio and visual feedback. While traditional systems allow an injured worker to call for help, they provide no acknowledgement that the message has been transmitted or the call for help accepted. In comparison, our systems use a series of audio and visual cues to indicate help is on the way, providing reassurance to lower the acute stress of an injured worker.

System components

The touchscreen control unit (TCU) runs the operating system. With a simple and intuitive interface, it connects to the internet via WiFi, SIM card or Ethernet and allows companies easy management of their wireless safety alert system.

The TCU lets companies easily add, remove or reconfigure evacuation sirens and nurse call points for maximum flexibility. It performs ongoing health checks to ensure the system is performing optimally and alerts users to any issues. It also allows for manual testing and maintains a detailed log of all system interactions through cloud technology, perfect for safety audits.

Finally, the TCU displays any activity from the safety system itself. This allows TCU users to respond in emergencies or even trigger and cancel full or partial site evacuations.

The smartphone app is a powerful tool that makes Vanguard Wireless systems industry-leading. Taking the ease and power of the Touchscreen Control Unit and turning it mobile, it lets companies stay in full control of their wireless safety system no matter where they are.

Available for both iOS and Android, users can reconfigure and test their system on the go as well as receive system health alerts in real time. This access to critical information only continues, with users able to receive and respond to nurse call and evacuation emergencies right from their phone and even activate or deactivate the wireless evacuation sirens.

Traditional nurse call systems allow an injured worker to call for help, but do not communicate that help is on the way. This only adds to the acute stress of an injured worker and their colleagues at the time of the emergency.

Instead, our nurse call system uses a series of audio and visual cues to indicate that the call has been sent and then accepted. While only a small change in technology, the emotional impact of this cannot be measured and it is one of the most popular features of our system.

As part of integrated systems, our nurse call points either run on a long-range wireless network and a dedicated radio frequency OR utilise a cellular network. Both options allow for flexible configuration on even the most difficult sites and increased reliability to ensure safety is always your priority.

The evacuation trigger points form part of the foundation of our wireless emergency evacuation system. Sites can pair any number of trigger points with any number of evacuation sirens, offering a flexible solution that can grow as your site does. Both mains and battery powered, the evacuation system can be connected to any 230VAC or 12VDC siren.

An optional extra for businesses with a touchscreen control unit, these are the perfect solution for a business who wants a simpler system that still utilises the benefits of a long-range wireless network.

In the case of an evacuation, sites need a system that is reliable and easy to use. As the second part of our wireless emergency evacuation system, our evacuation sirens can be implemented within minutes. Able to be paired with any number of trigger points, they are standalone to ensure the battery of other system components is not compromised.

When paired with the touchscreen control unit, you can activate individual or subgroups of sirens, depending on the emergency and receive the benefits of automated health checks.


Vanguard Wireless safety alert systems are comprised of innovative products designed to ensure safety on site is a priority, while minimising time consuming administration. With unique features not seen on any other systems, customers who utilise our wireless safety alert system receive:


More reliable signal reception

Our long-range mesh network erases the need for repeaters and cables to provide maximum site coverage, even on the most complicated locations.

Flexible solution

A flexible solution

With point to multipoint communication, devices can be placed in a more flexible configuration and we have both battery and cabled options for your site.

Simple to use products

Simple to use products

From the high-vis appearance of our nurse call system and evacuation sirens to the user-friendly touchscreen control unit and smartphone app, our system components are created to be visual and intuitive.

Real time

Real-time information

With real-time testing results, health checks and of course emergency notifications, everyone on your site has access to the critical information they need.

Administration savings

Administration savings

Not only are our systems extremely cost effective due to fewer components, the system monitoring and ease of testing saves companies both the time and labour cost of manual testing.

Compliance and audit benefits

Compliance and audit benefits

With a complete log available in the touchscreen control unit, companies will have a record of all events on the safety alert system to ensure better compliance and risk reduction.

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