Evacuation Trigger Points


The evacuation trigger points form part of the foundation of our wireless emergency evacuation system. Sites can pair any number of trigger points with any number of evacuation sirens, offering a flexible solution that can grow as your site does. Both mains and battery powered, the evacuation system can be connected to any 230VAC or 12VDC siren.

An optional extra for businesses with a touchscreen control unit, these are the perfect solution for a business who wants a simpler system that still utilises the benefits of a long-range wireless network.

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Maximum Site Coverage

Maximum Site Coverage

With no messy cables or repeaters, our safety alert system utilises a long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency to ensure reliability.

Automatic Health Checks2

Automatic Health Checks

Receive alerts for low battery or weak wireless signal from your evacuation system to prevent jeopardising the safety of your site.


Flexible System Configuration

Pair any number of triggers and evacuation sirens to ensure safety on site, even as your location continues to grow.

Siren Flexibility

Siren Flexibility

Our trigger points are designed to integrate with any 230 VAC or 12VDC siren

Power Options

Power Options

Our wireless evacuation triggers can be other mains or battery powered, depending on what suits your site.


Manufacter   Vanguard Wireless PTY LTD
 Part number  VWNCS-1CP
 Battery  Contact us
 Battery Charger  Contact us
 Operating temperature  0 to 60 C
 Humidity (non-condensing)  95%
 Use  Indoors/Outdoors
 Operating Frequency  915-928MHz
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