Nurse call points


The nurse call points are another innovation within Safety Manager 2.0. Traditional nurse call systems for construction sites allowed an injured worker to call for help, but they were unable to communicate that help was on the way. This only added to the acute stress of the injured worker and even colleagues at the time an emergency.

Instead, our wireless nurse call system uses a series of audio and visual cues to indicate that the call has been sent and then accepted. While only a small change in technology, the emotional impact of this cannot be measured and it is one of the most popular features of our system.

As part of Safety Manager 2.0, our nurse call points run on a long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency. With no repeaters, they allow for flexible configuration on even the most difficult sites and increased reliability to ensure safety is always your priority.

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Audio and Visual Two Way Communication

Audio and Visual Two-Way Communication

When your nurse call system is activated, an injured worker will receive acknowledgement that help is on its way, lowering their acute stress in the case of an emergency

Maximum Site Coverage

Maximum Site Coverage

With no messy cables or repeaters, our safety alert system utilises a long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency to ensure reliability.

Automatic Health Checks

Automatic Health Checks

Receive alerts on your TCU for low battery or weak wireless signal from your nurse call system to prevent jeopardising the safety of your site.

Real time Wireless Communication

Real-time Wireless Communication

Ensure all users know the critical information they need in real-time to ensure safety on site.


Optional Strobe Light and Siren Attachment

Maximise visibility and response times with these optional extras specially designed to supplement our wireless nurse call system.



Manufacter   Vanguard Wireless PTY LTD
 Part number  VWNCS-1CP
 Battery  Contact us
 Battery Charger  Contact us
 Operating temperature  0 to 60 C
 Humidity (non-condensing)  95%
 Use Indoors/Outdoors
 Operating Frequency 915-928MHz
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