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The smartphone app is a powerful tool that makes Safety Manager 2.0 an industry-leading product. Taking the ease and power of the Touchscreen Control Unit and turning it mobile, it lets companies stay in full control of their wireless safety alert system no matter where they are.

Available for both IOS and Android, users can reconfigure and test their system on the go as well as receive system health alerts in real time. This access to critical information only continues, with users able to receive and respond to nurse call and evacuation emergencies right from their phone and even activate or deactivate the wireless evacuation sirens.

Smartphone App



Easy Setup

It is easy for your staff to configure and monitor your wireless safety alert system right from their phone. They can also customise device names and locations as well as access system settings on the go.

Health Check Alerts

Health Check Alerts

Access the results of all health checks directly from your phone to ensure your safety alert system is not hampered by issues like low battery or weak wireless connections.

Emergency Triggers

Emergency Triggers

If a nurse call system or evacuation system is activated, users receive notifications on their phone, alerting them to the situation. They can also respond directly in the app.

Site Evacuations

Site Evacuations

Full or partial evacuations can be triggered directly from the app. In addition, the evacuation can also be cancelled if the emergency has been resolved.

Test Mode

System Testing

Test your wireless safety alert system directly from your phone and access real-time results in the app.


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