The touchscreen control unit powers Safety Manager 2.0. With a simple and intuitive interface, it connects to the internet via WiFi, SIM card or Ethernet and allows companies easy management of their wireless safety alert system.

The TCU lets companies easily add, remove or reconfigure evacuation sirens and nurse call points for maximum flexibility. It performs ongoing health checks to ensure the system is performing optimally and alerts users to any issues. It also allows for manual testing and maintains a detailed log of all system interactions through cloud technology, perfect for safety audits.

Finally, the TCU displays any activity from the safety system itself. This allows TCU users to respond in emergencies or even trigger and cancel full or partial site evacuations.

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Easy Setup

With the intuitive interface, it is easy for your staff to add, delete, monitor and configure your wireless safety alert system. As your site grows, adding new devices or customising location names can also be done directly from the unit.


Device Status

The results of all health checks are displayed on the interface to ensure that users are alerted to any problems in performance. You can also request support or maintenance from the unit if you are experiencing issues.


Emergency Alerts

If an emergency is triggered, the unit sounds an alarm and displays the exact details of the event for either a nurse call point or evacuation system. In addition, the touchscreen allows a user respond to the event to ensure the quickest response time possible.

Site Evacuations

Site Evacuations

Full or partial evacuations can be triggered directly from the unit. In addition, the evacuation can also be cancelled if the emergency has been resolved.

Full System Log

Full System Log

Every event that occurs on your wireless safety alert system is logged. This can either be viewed directly on the unit or reports emailed for increased compliance and risk reduction. With cloud technology, all this data is stored on our server and can be emailed as required.

Test Mode

Test Mode

Testing your nurse call system or evacuation sirens has never been easier. Placing the system into Test Mode enables all connected devices to be activated and tested instantly.

Maximum Site Coverage

Maximum Site Coverage

With no messy cables or repeaters, our wireless safety alert system utilises a long-range network and dedicated radio frequency to ensure reliability.

User Management

User Management

With options for up to 50 users, we also include profile management options to ensure all users have the appropriate permissions.


Manufacter   Vanguard Wireless PTY LTD
 Part number  -
 Battery  Contact us
 Battery Charger  Contact us
 Operating temperature  0 to 60 C
 Humidity (non-condensing)  95%
 Use  Indoors only
 Operating Frequency  915-928MHz
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