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Health and aged care environments have unique needs for a nurse call system. Reliability is paramount, while an intuitive design and flexible set up are crucial to ensure the system is easy to use for staff and suitable for a variety of locations and patient needs.

We believe that Vanguard Wireless’ experience in the construction and warehousing industries puts us in a unique position to understand the demanding requirements of clinical locations. By nature, the sites we have worked on are complicated and demand a nurse call system that can perform in difficult and varying conditions and our revolutionary Safety Manager 2.0 does just that.

Our nurse call system is this product reimagined for the healthcare industry.

Powered by a main control unit, our wireless nurse call system is composed of a variety of system components. From nurse call buttons, nurse call lights and nurse call sirens, you can design a setup that suits your unique location. This main control unit also makes it easy for users to reconfigure and test their system, while our monitoring provides the in-depth reporting you need to understand your location.

Our nurse call system is also designed to be easy to use for all staff members. Staff can see all activities on the system right from their main control unit, allowing them to receive and respond to emergency alerts directly. To ensure the quickest response time possible, our smartphone app also allows mobile staff to do the same.

System components

The main control unit is the hub of our nurse call system. Designed with an intuitive interface, the touchscreen unit is highly visual and allows all staff to see the state of their location at a quick glance.

Displaying any activity from the nurse call system itself, staff can not only respond to any patient emergencies but also controls the set up and administration of the nurse call system. In addition to allowing staff to reconfigure the system as required, the main control unit performs ongoing health checks to ensure the system is performing optimally and alerts users to any issues. It also allows for manual testing and maintains a detailed log of all system interactions with the option for detailed reporting to be emailed as required.

Taking the ease and power of the main control unit and turning it mobile, our smartphone app ensures all staff members receive the critical information they need to prioritise patient safety in their location.

Available for both IOS and Android, our smartphone app allows all users to receive and respond to emergencies right from their phones. In addition, users can reconfigure and test their system on the go as well as receive system health alerts in real time.

Traditionally, nurse call systems had significant limitations in their use. While they worked efficiently to alert staff to patient issues, their inability to provide two-way feedback caused a serious gap in patient safety. With no acknowledgement that help is on the way, patients may have continued to feel extreme stress or suffered a heightened risk of a fall as they attempted to seek help.

Our nurse call system incorporates two-way feedback in the form of both audio and visual cues to indicate that the call has been sent and then accepted. While only a small change in technology, both the emotional and physical ramifications are significant.

With our long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency, our nurse call points can be installed in a flexible arrangement that suits your location. In addition, we offer both wired and battery-operated systems to prevent potentially expensive retrofitting.

Combined or individually, our Nurse Call Lights & Sirens ensure the quickest of response times in the case of an emergency.

Like the rest of our nurse call system, these components can be set up in a layout that suits you. Most commonly however, these are placed outside resident’s rooms and set to be triggered by a connected nurse call button inside.


Our nurse call equipment brings innovation to health and aged care services. Allowing organisations to prioritise patient health and safety while not requiring time consuming administration, locations that utilise our nurse call system will receive:

Maximum Site Coverage

A reliable and flexible solution

With the latest wireless technology, our nurse call system is both flexible and reliable. With each system made up of the components you want, you can create something that is custom built for your location. Plus, as your requirements change, your system can change with you.

Hardware & software integration

Hardware & software integration

We work with our clients to ensure our wireless nurse call systems integrate with existing business systems and hardware components to provide a streamlined solution.

Emergency Triggers

Simple to use products

In the case of an emergency, anyone using the system needs to understand it at a moment’s notice. With our user-friendly main control unit and smartphone app along with the appearance of nurse call point, our system components are created to be visual and intuitive.

Real time

Real-time information

With real-time testing results, health checks and of course emergency notifications, everyone on your site has access to the critical information they need.


Automatic Health Checks

The system’s automatic monitoring and ease of testing ensures all staff can maintain a focus on patient welfare while also saving time and the labour cost of manual tests.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Every event that occurs on your wireless nurse call system is logged. This can either be viewed directly on the control unit or reports emailed to ensure that management has access to all the information needed to make vital decisions

Full System Log

Various Support Options

For extra peace of mind, Vanguard Wireless offers a range of packages for monitoring and maintenance for your wireless safety alert system.


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