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Traditionally, nurse call systems had significant limitations in their use. While they worked efficiently to alert staff to patient issues, their inability to provide two-way feedback caused a serious gap in patient safety. With no acknowledgement that help is on the way, patients may have continued to feel extreme stress or suffered a heightened risk of a fall as they attempted to seek help.

Our nurse call system incorporates two-way feedback in the form of both audio and visual cues to indicate that the call has been sent and then accepted. While only a small change in technology, both the emotional and physical ramifications are significant.

With our long-range wireless network and dedicated radio frequency, our nurse call points can be installed in a flexible arrangement that suits your location. In addition, we offer both wired and battery-operated systems to prevent potentially expensive retrofitting.

Nurse call points


Audio and Visual Two-Way Communication

Audio and Visual Two-Way Communication

When your nurse call system is activated, the patient will receive acknowledgement that help is on its way, lowering their acute stress in the case of an emergency and even preventing further injury.

Automatic Health Checks

Automatic Health Checks

Receive alerts on your TCU for low battery or weak wireless signal from your nurse call system to prevent jeopardizing the safety of your site.

Real time

Real-time Wireless Communication

Ensure all users know the critical information they need in real-time to ensure patient safety across your location


Optional Strobe Light and Siren Attachment

Maximise visibility and response times with these optional extras specially designed to supplement our wireless nurse call system.


Manufacter Vanguard Wireless PTY LTD
Part number VWNCS-1CP
Battery Contact us
Battery Charger Contact us
Operating temperature 0 to 60 C
Humidity (non-condensing) 95%
Use Indoors/Outdoors
Operating Frequency 915-928MHz
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