Touchscreen Control Unit (TCU)

Use Vanguard Wireless' proprietary system management device to easily and simply maintain control

Touchscreen Control Unit

What Is The Touchscreen Control Unit

A major gripe users of safety alert systems have is the inability to understand how their system is performing. Are devices still connected? Are devices powered up? When was the last time a device was tested? How can the user modify the system without having to involve the supplier?

We developed the touchscreen control unit (TCU) for our customers so they never had to guess whether or not their system would work when they needed it to.

We've removed the risk of not having any visibility to how your system is performing.

CLICK HERE to learn about our TCU managed evacuation systems.

CLICK HERE to learn about our TCU managed nurse call systems.


How It Works

If any of your devices utilise a mesh radio frequency connection, then you'll need a TCU to help you manage your system (unless you're installing our basic stand alone system). Essentially the TCU works like your desktop computer and should be positioned in a central and secure location, like the main office or front desk.

The TCU's simple intuitive interface enables you to:

  • View in real time any device's system connectivity and power status
  • View system users and their activity
  • Add or edit users including unique names and passwords
  • Enable and connect devices (if you need to expand your system in conjunction with your project's expansion)
  • Introduce authority protocols to prevent false evacuation alerts
  • Adjust evacuation siren settings to suit your site requirements
  • Select Evacuate or Lockdown (when the latter is enabled)
  • Test sirens
  • Trigger nurse call or evacuation events
  • Respond to nurse call or evacuation events
  • End nurse call or evacuation events
  • Name and rename devices
  • Set up SMS notifications (should you also opt into using our smartphone app)

If using in conjunction with our smartphone app, you can set up 50 'manager' level users (full permissions), and an unlimited number of 'worker' level users (basic permissions).



You can select to connect your TCU only to your system OR you can choose to connect it to our cloud server via Wi-Fi, SIM card or Ethernet. You would undertake this for two reasons:

  1. You wish to use Vanguard Wireless' smartphone app (android and iPhone)
  2. You wish to take advantage of Vanguard Wireless' support service, where the customer care team can see exactly what is happening with your system (and can proactively alert you to any issues detected)

There's three options:

  1. Use your business' own WiFi, SIM card or Ethernet (LAN) connection
  2. Purchase a SIM card from us (with competitive monthly data plan)
  3. Purchase a 3G/4G Telstra Data SIM card or modem (dongle) for locations with poor signal coverage

Our sales team can guide you on what the best option is for you based on your unique needs and operational requirements.



All system activity is logged for reporting and auditing including when alerts were triggered and by whom (where relevant), the reason for the nurse call alert, and who accepted or declined the nurse call alert. You can view or email the reports in the log section at any time.












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