High Tech Emergency Alert Systems

evacuation & medical alert (nurse call) devices supported by an innovative operating system and smartphone app to support business customisation and management

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Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Quickly raise an alert in a medical emergency. Push notifications out to key personnel who can accept or decline to respond. Choose from mesh RF and cellular system connectivity. Integrate with the control panel and/or smartphone app.


Evacuation Systems

Evacuation Systems

Raise an evacuation alert which pushes notifications out to key personnel. Authorise full or partial site evacuations. Choose from mesh RF and cellular system connectivity. Integrate with the control panel and/or smartphone app.


Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Incorporate nurse call and evacuation devices in any configuration that suits your work place. Have full visibility over your system's status, manage key personnel authorisations, and access comprehensive reporting.


Construction industry

For Construction

Easily installed, easily relocated, easily managed. Automated system updates on power and connectivity. Cellular and mesh RF networking options = zero range limitations.


Industrial Customers

For Industry

Select from TCU and smartphone app management options, or install as a stand alone system. Wireless configuration makes for simple retrofitting in any environment.


Healthcare industry

For Healthcare

Save thousands on retrofitting costs with our wireless devices and intuitive management system. Maximise patient protection with proactive, real-time alerts.

Education industry

For Education

Discreetly notify key personnel to issues or quickly undertake a site lock down. Protect students and staff with an intuitive and simple stand alone solution.

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Vanguard Wireless design and manufacture the most innovative safety alert systems on the market comprised of nurse call and evacuation devices.

We supply a range of customers from large multinational construction and civil works businesses to single project builders, assisted living organisations, factories and warehouses.

We focus on delivering you time saving features, flexible configurations, self-management tools and integrated reporting.

Smartphone App
Exclusive System & User Management App
Connectivity 2
Cellular & Mesh RF Connection Options
Installed By Your Team In < 30 Minutes

Let Us Design A System For You


Clients include:

200 x 120 - Buildcorp
200 x 120 - Gerard Lighting
200 x 120 - Hansen Yuncken
200 x 120 - CPA
200 x 120 - Hutchinson Builders
200 x 120 - Richard Crookes
200 x 120 - Energy Australia
200 x 120 - FDC

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