5 ways we can help you improve productivity, save money and make your workplace safer

1. Efficient Time Management

  • Self-testing with results accessed via the Smartphone App or Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Less time spent on safety alert system management
  • More time for construction project delivery!

2. Improved Visibility and Accessibility

  • Live updating of information to all users
  • System changes can be made in the field or on site using the Smartphone App
  • Accurate and timely information available instantly

3. Stability and Safety

  • Point to multipoint communication (mesh) therefore no repeaters
  • Fewer components mean greater reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Mesh communication adds wireless alert system stability improving safety for your sites

4. Reporting & Compliance

  • Accurate record keeping of events in chronological order
  • The reliability of cloud back up
  • What will you do with your spare time after Safety Manager 2.0 takes care of your manual paperwork?

5. Vanguard Partner Program

  • Managing your safety alert systems and multiple sites gets even easier with the Vanguard Partner Program
  • Contact Vanguard Wireless today to find out if you qualify for the VPP!

Vanguard Wireless Safety Alert Systems

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We're proud to be helping so many companies and projects improve their workplace safety.


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