5 ways we can help you improve productivity, save money and make your workplace safer

1. Efficient Time Management

  • Self-testing with results accessed via the Smartphone App or Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Less time spent on safety alert system management
  • More time for construction project delivery!

2. Improved Visibility and Accessibility

  • Live updating of information to all users
  • System changes can be made in the field or on site using the Smartphone App
  • Accurate and timely information available instantly

3. Stability and Safety

  • Point to multipoint communication (mesh) therefore no repeaters
  • Fewer components mean greater reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Mesh communication adds wireless alert system stability improving safety for your sites

4. Reporting & Compliance

  • Accurate record keeping of events in chronological order
  • The reliability of cloud back up
  • What will you do with your spare time after Safety Manager 2.0 takes care of your manual paperwork?

5. Vanguard Partner Program

  • Managing your safety alert systems and multiple sites gets even easier with the Vanguard Partner Program
  • Contact Vanguard Wireless today to find out if you qualify for the VPP!

Vanguard Wireless Safety Alert Systems


  • We wanted a new solution and were confident that Vanguard could provide this. Our experience as a whole was positive. Vanguard had a proactive approach to feedback and we found that Safety Manager 2.0 was easy to use, particularly in comparison to the older systems. The lack of repeaters and introduction of the app were particularly well received
  • We had pager systems in the past and wanted to take on a more user-friendly system. Safety Manager 2.0 was the only system of its kind we had seen. The ease of use and the way we could easily manage our nurse calls was another stand out for us. I would recommend Safety Manager 2.0.
  • We were curious when Lend Lease recommended this. We had an old school approach using hard-wired sirens previously, so adopting Safety Manager 2.0 had many pluses. Due to the uniqueness of the site, we worked with Vanguard to come up with a specific solution for our site. Their technology is leaps and bounds ahead of others. I would recommend Vanguard to other companies in our industry
  • Igor and his team were very approachable and efficient. The system was easy to install and we appreciated that it was modular and portable. We would highly recommend Safety Manager 2.0.
  • Working with Vanguard Wireless has been a good experience. I have been involved in the project since the introduction of the system and while there were teething problems with coverage, we have seen a measurable improvement especially in reliability and coverage. The remote monitoring capability via the SMS app means we can see the status of our batteries and signal strength is a key feature for us.
  • We heard it was a state-of-the-art system and wanted to give it a try. The monitoring means we can instantly see the status of the system while the backend consistently gives us the updates we need

Our customers

We're proud to be helping so many companies and projects improve their workplace safety.


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