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Vanguard Wireless combined nurse call system and evacuation system integrated

Supporting Your Workplace Emergency Plan

In Australia, every workplace must have an Emergency Plan. This is a guide that you and your safety team use to identify risks, develop proactive and reactive business responses for that risk, and train your workforce on what action is required if that risk occurs. How to trigger an emergency alert, how to communicate about the emergency, and how to evacuate the site all form part of that plan.

Vanguard Wireless' smart nurse call systems and evacuation systems are installed by businesses who want a system that's easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to maintain. They're harnessing innovative technology to improve safety measures, ensuring everyone can work with peace of mind. By enhancing evacuation or nurse call emergency communication systems, you can significantly mitigate risks, paving the way to a safer work environment. 

Importantly, every system is plug-and-play - all you need to do is power up the devices, install them, and complete the set up as per your specific system configuration: stand alone, TCU managed, or smartphone app managed. Each device establishes a network with the rest of the system using an internal radio frequency or cellular chip.

Evacuation Systems

Vanguard Wireless evacuation systems are installed at mining sites, warehouses, factories, education facilities, and industrial sites. They can be designed as a simple stand alone installation, with triggers and sirens. Alternatively they can include digital capabilities such as our Touchscreen Control Unit, smartphone app, SMS notifications, and we-based user portal. With the tap of a button, emergency messages can be sent out, ensuring all employees are alerted promptly and can evacuate safely.

Nurse Call Systems

Vanguard Wireless nurse call systems are installed at construction sites, healthcare businesses, and other industries where there's a high risk of medical injury. Once an alert is triggered, safety personnel are informed via the Touchscreen Control Panel and optional smartphone app and SMS. Sirens and lights can also be added for additional audio and visual notification. Vanguard Wireless systems ensure that help can be summoned swiftly when accidents happen.  

Save Time

Not all systems are the same. A common problem with traditional emergency alert system designs is that they use older operating systems, they're not digital, and they require a fair amount of specialist management and maintenance. Vanguard Wireless systems are designed with you and your business challenges in mind; we understand that you want something simple and reliable that alerts you to issues in real time. We also understand you want to save time with an innovative and proactive user interface that allows you to get on with the job.

To get started, click on your industry below:

Construction industry


Easily installed, easily relocated, easily managed. Automated system updates on power and connectivity. Cellular and mesh RF networking options = zero range limitations.

Industrial industries


Select from TCU and smartphone app management options, or install as a stand alone system. Wireless configuration makes for simple retrofitting in any environment.

Healthcare industry


Save thousands on retrofitting costs with our wireless devices and intuitive management system. Maximise patient and student protection with proactive, real-time alerts.

Education industry


Install a simple system to send discreet emergency alerts to key personnel, and quickly conduct site lockdowns or evacuations. Save thousands on retrofitting costs.










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