Nurse Call Emergency Management


Nurse Call Trigger and Evacuation Siren-2

Combined NC Trigger and Evac Siren

Workers can quickly call for medical help with sirens triggered during an evacuation event.

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Touchscreen Control Unit (TCU)

Touchscreen Control Unit (TCU)

Locally manage events, users, and all devices on the network with this smart control panel.

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Wearable Nurse Call Trigger - Red Dot Winner

Wearable Nurse Call Trigger

Protect lone or remote workers. Once alerted personnel can escalate to a site evacuation.

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Nurse Call Trigger-1

Nurse Call Trigger

Ensure your workplace can quickly coordinate a rapid response in a medical emergency.

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Subscription Services

Subscription Services

The smartphone app, SMS, and web-based user portal offer complete system management.

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Nurse Call Siren and Light

Nurse Call Siren and Light

Boost medical emergency responses with this light and siren combination.

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Protecting everyone with a smart solution:

As part of your workplace emergency plan, your workers should have a reliable method for raising and responding to a medical emergency alert. Our plug-and-play nurse call systems are wireless and can be installed in minutes without the need for a specialist.

In a medical emergency, when speed of response is critical, you need a nurse call system that:

  • allows workers to notify others to the medical emergency with a simple call button
  • quickly and clearly communicates to those on site about the emergency
  • ensures responders know the location of the emergency
  • offers a range of device configurations that suit your workplace, worker, and visitor needs
  • gives system managers real- time insights into individual device power and connectivity
  • saves you time by minimising speculation

All systems are delivered with induction posters and video guides, access to an online knowledge base, and supported by a local tech support team to assist you with installation, management, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


How these nurse call systems work:

  • Worker triggers the nurse call alert from the nurse call trigger, smartphone app, or wearable nurse call trigger
  • The alert is received by the Touchscreen Control Unit or smartphone app
  • The alert includes the location of the nurse call trigger or closest enabled device
  • Emergency response personnel choose to Accept or Decline to respond to the alert
  • Those who Accept to respond Cancel the alert and log a report once the incident is responded to
  • All activity is logged for event reporting and auditing


Nurse call system requirements:

  • All nurse call systems must be comprised of at least one trigger and one receiving device (touchscreen control unit, siren, or smartphone app)
  • Radio frequency connected devices must be within range of one another
  • Cellular connected devices must be positioned to receive a strong cellular signal
  • Devices should be accurately named with a level and location so response personnel know where to go


Nurse Call Systems For Every Industry

Every Vanguard Wireless nurse call system is designed specifically for your workplace layout, industry risk profile, and emergency plan. A combination of radio frequency and cellular connected devices can be used to ensure all areas of the site receive coverage. Lone workers or remote workers can use wearable nurse call triggers to trigger an alert when their smartphone is not within reach. 

Vanguard Wireless' cutting-edge nurse call triggers and nurse call sirens overcome conventional challenges associated with installing and using a nurse call system: they're easy to install, manage, and maintain – all by your in-house team.

Our nurse call systems do not require repeaters to establish a network; each device simply needs to be within the range of another. These systems allow for flexible configuration and enhanced reliability, ensuring safety is always your top priority. However, be mindful of obstructions - such as thick walls or floors - which can affect a device's connectivity. A Vanguard Wireless mesh nurse call system requires a TCU (touchscreen control unit) for system management. An optional smartphone app can also be integrated for complete system flexibility.

Whether you're looking for construction nurse call triggers and sirens, healthcare or aged care nurse call systems, or individual wearable nurse call triggers, you'll appreciate our systems are:

  • Easy to install – no specialised installation required
  • Installed in minutes - including connecting it to the rest of the network, positioned, named, and monitored
  • Easily retrofitted - no need to hard wire into the building
  • Easy to manage real-time updates on individual nurse call station power and connectivity
  • Comprised of single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • Using two-way notifications to reassure injured workers that the call has been sent and accepted
  • Logging all event data for analysis, reporting, and process improvement
  • Supported by an optional smartphone app and SMS notifications for direct personnel alerts

Supported by a world-class operating system, our nurse call systems differ from other systems in the market. The centralised management and maintenance eliminates any guesswork from system management.


Nurse call systems for construction sites

For Construction

Coordinate a first aid response quickly and efficiently. Easily installed, easily relocated, easily managed. Automated system updates on power and connectivity.


Nurse call systems for industrial sites

For Industrial Sites

Installed permanently or temporarily. No wires minimises damage risk from vermin or secondary equipment. Select from TCU and smartphone app management options.


Nurse call systems for static facilities

For Static Facilities

Wireless networking offers simple retrofitting for any environment. Hardware only, control panel managed, or add the smartphone app and web-based user portal. A smart simple solution.


Nurse call systems for education

For Education

Discreetly raise an alert for first aid or if staff are in distress. Notify key personnel with a one-to-many approach. Protect students and staff with an intuitive and simple, cost effective solution.










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