Integrated Evacuation & Nurse Call Systems

Install a comprehensive safety alert system that protects workers during site evacuation and nurse call emergencies

Vanguard Wireless combined nurse call system and evacuation system

Manage Evacuation & Nurse Call Workplace Emergencies

A Vanguard Wireless combined evacuation and nurse call system is ideal for workplaces seeking a smart, efficient, easy to use system that can manage both types of emergencies.

Time Is Critical

In a workplace emergency, response time is critical. It's imperative that communication to workers is clear and timely, so they understand what sort of emergency has occurred and what action is required of them. You don't want confusion or misinterpretation. Thus in a medical emergency, it's crucial that your teams don't use evacuation sirens to raise the alarm. Similarly, a medical emergency should not be confused with an evacuation event. That's why many businesses choose to have both types of devices, so the situation is clear.

Tailored To Your Needs

Vanguard Wireless’ innovative evacuation and nurse call systems address traditional barriers for businesses to installing and using a safety alert system: our systems are simple to install, manage, and maintain – all by your in-house EHS/OHS/safety team.

Vanguard Wireless emergency alert systems are also incredibly flexible. Every system is tailored to how your business will use the system, the risk profile of your business, where emergencies could occur, how triggers will be accessed, and how your workers need to be alerted. We understand that your business and worksite is unique, which is why we've developed multiple hardware and software products that we can use to build a system tailored to your needs. 

It's all about choice:

  • Select as many nurse call units, evacuation triggers, sirens, and lights as you need
  • Select to use a mesh radio frequency network, a cellular network, or both
  • Select battery-operated or mains power devices
  • Select how many workers you want to have access to the web-based user portal and smartphone app
  • Select what level of access those workers have
  • Select what type of SMS notifications those workers will receive
  • Select what sound pattern you want the sirens to have, and how long they sound during an evacuation
  • Select who can trigger an evacuation

Because our systems are wireless and ship semi-assembled, all you need to do is unpack the devices, turn them on, then position them within range using easy-to-follow instructions. You don't need a specialist - you can install the system yourself in less than two hours (depending on the size of the system). Using your TCU or smartphone app, you'll be able to name each device (for ease of reference), see which devices are connected, set up users, authorise evacuations, accept/decline nurse calls, set up notifications, run regular system tests, and view a report of all system activity.

Our technicians are available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues at any time. We also provide clear instructions, information sheets, and how-to posters for staff onboarding.

A Vanguard Wireless system purchase is future proofed. We regularly push software updates out to all systems and the smartphone app. And if you're using the system at a temporary location (for example a construction site), you can move the system to another site with a simple recommissioning service.

Other features include: 

  • real-time updates on individual unit power and connectivity
  • single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • two-way notifications
  • event reporting
  • centralised management and maintenance
  • a control panel that eliminates any guesswork in system management
  • event monitoring including which workers accept/decline a nurse call event
  • site geofencing
  • wireless Bluetooth smoke sensors for high risk fire areas such as store rooms
  • Bluetooth wearable nurse call triggers for at-risk workers, crane operators, lone workers, mobility challenged users, and aged care

Make sure your chosen evacuation and nurse call system clearly communicates with workers about the emergency, including the type of emergency, the location of the emergency, who is affected (if it's a nurse call), who has been notified, and what action is required. Make sure you choose a Vanguard Wireless evacuation and nurse call system.












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