For many construction companies, the prospect of introducing technology is an overwhelming one. While there are many trends that might benefit projects, it is an industry that has traditionally been decidedly low tech and slow to change.

On the average construction site, there is a certain group that is particularly vulnerable to injury, both minor and serious. That group is your inexperienced workers.

Firstly, it is necessary to note that this is not simply a matter of age. While younger workers do have an injury rate than older workmates, studies have found that it is inexperience that is the key here. In fact, employees in their first month on a job have more than 3 times the risk for injury compared to someone who has been at their job for more than a year.

One of the questions we are asked most frequently at Vanguard Wireless is why a wireless safety alert system is better than a more traditional system. For years, we even had a traditional system available, but changes in technology have allowed for significant developments and new features.

In Australia, the construction industry has the third most fatalities country wide. While the number of deaths has decreased in the last ten years, the industry continues to be above average for fatalities and has the second highest number of worker’s compensation claims for serious injuries.

For companies, this means that providing a safe site for workers should not only be a necessity, but a true priority across the business. Beyond just worker safety, there are also significant competitive advantages for companies who do this, allowing them to not only save money but increasing project delivery, improving recruitment standards and growing company perceptions through the industry.

Traditionally, the construction industry has not been one for innovation, but this has begun to change. With new products appearing that improve safety, streamline administration and even inspire clients, there’s no doubt that technology is here to stay.