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What Is A Wireless Evacuation and Nurse Call System?

The rapid evolution of technology has transformed numerous aspects of our lives, and workplace safety is no exception. Emergency evacuation and nurse call systems are traditionally hard wired, but Vanguard Wireless utilise a range of technologies to ensure the devices that form part of the system communicate wirelessly. How and why do we do this?
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Radio Frequency Or Cellular?

When you were younger you probably played with a set of walkie talkies. You took one and your friend took the other, then you spread out and talked to one another. But there were limits - range, obstructions, and battery life - which impacted how far apart you could stand from one another, and how long you could use them before recharging.
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Protecting Workers With World First Cellular Units

As buildings around the country age, and prime real estate becomes less available, refurbishment projects are becoming increasingly common. However, these projects are more challenging than new construction projects because they require operators to accommodate existing structures, often with confined spaces and limited access. This can pose a greater safety risk for workers who must work in an environment initially constructed to adhere to different building regulations.
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