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Vanguard Wireless Nurse Call Systems and Wearables

We are a leading provider of advanced nurse call systems for the construction industry

We understand the unique communication and safety challenges faced during construction projects with evolving site layouts, multiple contractors/sub contractors, and moving equipment. With our state-of-the-art construction nurse call systems, we improve emergency alert response times with:

  1. Easy to use nurse call triggers
  2. Smartphone app nurse call triggers
  3. Clear emergency event location identification (level 7, sth stairwell)
  4. Two way SENT/RECEIVED notifications
  5. Multiple notification channels: control panel, app and SMS notifications, lights, sirens
  6. Ability for safety personnel to ACCEPT/DECLINE to attend
  7. Event reporting and analysis

The result is seamless nurse call event communication across your construction site, ensuring optimal safety.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous with the 'fatal four' - fall from height, trapped by equipment, struck by an object, or electrocution. Everyday offers workers a challenging physical environment which can lead to other issues like strokes, heart attacks, heat exhaustion, frostbite, or other non life threatening injuries. Our customers install our nurse call systems on their construction sites because they save time. Vanguard Wireless' cutting-edge nurse call triggers and nurse call sirens overcome conventional challenges associated with installing and using a nurse call system: they're easy to install, manage, and maintain all by the safety team and senior managers.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Construction Nurse Call Systems:

  • Plug-and-play - everything is set up prior to delivery
  • Installed in minutes– no specialist trades required
  • Comprised of single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • Using two-way notifications to reassure injured workers that the call has been sent and accepted
  • A choice of radio frequency or cellular networking, ensuring full construction site coverage
  • Real-time updates on individual nurse call and evacuation station power and connectivity
  • Centralised construction nurse call system management
  • Logging all event data for analysis, reporting, and process improvement
  • Supported by an optional smartphone app and SMS notifications for direct personnel alerts

Integrations & Customisations

Construction customers can also integrate their nurse call system or evacuation system with Procore, HammerTech, Irongate Solutions, and 3D Safety (with more in the pipeline). 

There's various customisations offered including SMS notifications during a nurse call or evacuation event, adjustable evacuation siren settings, triggerable nurse call alerts from worker's smartphones (wherever they are on the construction site), geofencing, worker location identification. wearable nurse call triggers, and virtual nurse call triggers (for construction sites that incorporate public spaces). 

Let Us Design A System For You

We understand that each construction project has unique requirements and might focus on nurse call functions, evacuation functions, or both. Our expert team works closely with you to assess your specific needs and develop customised nurse call system or evacuation system construction site layouts. We consider factors such as range, obstructions, business emergency plans, project timeline, and budget, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your exact requirements.


Here are three of our most popular options for construction nurse calls or evacuation events. Click HERE to view all systems.



TCU Managed

Vanguard Wireless TCU Managed Evacuation System & Smoke Detectors

Traditional safety alert systems rely on manual management and maintenance. Not ours! Our innovative evacuation triggers and sirens address traditional barriers to installing and using an evac system.

  • They’re simple to install, simple to manage and simple to maintain – all by your own team.
  • You choose how many triggers and sirens to install
  • Centralised management and maintenance control panel
  • Real time individual unit power and connectivity status updates
  • Single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • Event reporting


Nurse Call

TCU Managed

Vanguard Wireless Nurse Call Systems-1

Our mesh nurse call devices work using radio frequency, so are perfect for small ranges with little interference.

  • Devices simply need to sit within range of one another to build a network
  • No repeaters to allow for flexible configuration and increased reliability
  • No limit on the number of devices
  • Managed by our touchscreen control unit and optional smartphone app
  • Real time individual unit power and connectivity status updates
  • Single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • Two-way notifications



Evacuation + Nurse Call

Vanguard Wireless combined nurse call system and evacuation system integrated

Our integrated systems include evacuation AND nurse call devices so your business is prepared to handle evacuation AND medical emergencies.

  • Choose how many of each device your business needs
  • Devices can be mesh RF, cellular or both
  • Utilise a TCU (touchscreen control unit) and/or smartphone app to help manage your system
  • Set up multi level authorisations for staff and key personnel











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