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Save time on system management with the online portal. Avoid speculation with real-time device, event, and user intelligence.

Every System Includes User Portal Access:

Every system (with the exception of our stand alone options) includes a dedicated online system management portal, which can be accessed by one or more System Admin Manager/s. If you have not received login details for yours, please contact our customer success team.

Your login will give you access to every site you have permission to manage. Once you click on the relevant site, you will be taken to a summary page distinct to the system on the site. On the summary page you can see a snapshot of the system: number of events, testing history, control panel status, enabled devices, user set-up, and which customisations and subscriptions have been activated.

From there you click on the following menu tabs to manage various components of your site:

User Portal menu


User Portal capabilities can be split into two groups:

User Portal - system management - 800 x 350

System Management

Here devices on your system can be disabled or enabled, and you can view their power and connectivity status. You can also see other details such as location and serial number etc

You can use the LOGS page to view activities on the page, or run a report by date range for reporting and auditing.

Integrations can be set up that streamline the management of your system with other hardware and software you currently use. We integrate with project management platforms, home automation systems, assisted living equipment, sirens, and lights. Click here to check out the current list. If you have a request or suggestion, feel free to forward it.

You can also see when deliveries occurred and update the appropriate contacts for ongoing system management, maintenance, onboarding, and modifications.


User Portal - user management - 800 x 350

User Management

Every system sold allows for up to 50 users to be added to the operating system and app (more user profiles are available upon request).

Once users are added, you can select/edit:

  • their personal details such as mobile phone or password
  • their SMS notification settings such as whether they'll receive event based messages (e.g. nurse call level 2, sth street) and/or system based messages (e.g. X device is disconnected from the system)
  • their permissions, such as whether they have the authority to approve an evacuation or respond to a nurse call alert

Within the portal you can also see what location services the user has set up on their phone. If you have set up a geofence around the perimeter of your site - and they have location services enabled - you can see whether or not they're within the site perimeter during the emergency event.


Range new - Connectivity

Systems For Every Business

Select from stand alone evacuation systems, nurse call only systems or an integration of the two. 

Select how alerts are triggered, what is communicated, and how it's communicated to key personnel and workers on site.

Also select from mesh RF or cellular connected devices, and the number of sirens to suit your site.

Our sales team can build a system completely to your specific business needs. To find out more about the systems we offer CLICK HERE.












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