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Imagine a scenario where a colleague collapses and you need immediate help. You rush to the nearest nurse call point and press the button, but nothing happens. Or you’re on site and a sudden change in air quality or appearance of a workplace hazard requires you to evacuate the site immediately. You press the evacuation trigger and evacuation sirens don’t activate. In such critical situations, it can be easy to panic – a critical issue when every second counts.

Vanguard Wireless' Smart Solutions

Our hardware + software emergency evacuation and nurse call systems are designed to eliminate the risk of 'Press & Guess' during an emergency event. The operating system – accessed by the TCU, smartphone app, and web-based user portal – saves you time with:

  • Real time system and device power and connectivity status
  • An ability to trigger or respond to events from the TCU or worker’s smartphone app
  • Concise reports for auditing and process improvement
  • Multiple ways to manage your system


The Vanguard Wireless operating system also allows you to customise various components of your evacuation or nurse call system. System managers can:

  • Adjust evacuation siren settings such as pattern and length
  • Run auto siren tests
  • Activate individual sirens or all sirens
  • Add a geofence around the site perimeter to send targeted event messages
  • ID worker location during an emergency event
  • Add a lockdown alert option
  • Customise app user profiles with various levels of permissions
  • Add authority protocols and virtual device locations to prevent false alarms
  • Enable UHF radio integrations to broadcast emergency events over the radio network
  • Request maintenance call outs

At Vanguard Wireless, we are committed to continuously improving our systems in collaboration with our customers. The result is an emergency alert system tailored to your unique workplace, equipped with all the tools you need to self-manage your system through an intuitive operating system.

Easy To Install & Use:

  • A plug-and-play approach for system installation in under 30 minutes
  • All devices already connected – just power up, rename with a location, and go
  • A choice of radio frequency or cellular networked devices to work with any layout
  • Wireless, battery powered triggers and combined trigger + sirens
  • Temporary or permanent device locations
  • A choice between TCU only, or the addition of the smartphone app and user portal

Our sales team will work with you to design a system specific to your workplace and management needs. Get in touch for a quote today.










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