Nurse Call System - App Managed

Install a nurse call system that utilises cellular connectivity and is managed using our proprietary smartphone safety app

Vanguard Wireless Nurse Call Systems and safety app

When a worker, site visitor, or resident suddenly needs medical aid, a nurse call system is used to trigger the alert and notify personnel about the emergency. In this instance it can be easy to panic, particularly if the scene is confronting. A Vanguard Wireless nurse call system is simple to use with a single CALL button that pushes a notification to the rest of the network that help is required.

In a medical emergency, a nurse call unit or medical alert unit is one of the most effective ways to notify a group that help is needed, so a coordinated response can be launched in accordance with your business' safety management plan.

Vanguard Wireless’ innovative nurse call triggers and sirens address traditional barriers to installing and using a nurse call system: they’re simple to install, manage, and maintain – all by your in-house team.

You can select from three Vanguard Wireless nurse call system options:

  1. Smartphone app managed
  2. TCU managed (click HERE to learn more)
  3. Standalone (hardware only)

If you opt for a smartphone app managed system, you'll have access to Vanguard Wireless' proprietary safety system app. You'll also use our cellular networked nurse call triggers. Vanguard Wireless cellular nurse call units utilise a built-in SIM card that pushes power and connectivity data through to the operating system via the cloud. The benefit of cellular networked devices is that the range of a cellular device is unlimited (provided it is able to establish a cellphone tower connection). It's ideal for sites with interesting layouts that struggle to implement a conventional mesh radio frequency system design. It may be that there are multiple workspaces spread out over a large area with nowhere in between to place devices to form a mesh; or the site office is outside the radio frequency range, or the project is so small that a traditional safety alert system has been forgone due to the investment required.

During an event, a worker or resident presses the CALL button on the nurse call trigger or their wearable nurse call trigger. The alert is then pushed to the cloud via the cellular network, which then pushes the alert out to nominated personnel via their smartphone. The alert tells them which device or wearable was triggered, when it was triggered, the location of the nurse call emergency, who has received the alert, and who is accepting or declining to respond. The result is a smart yet simple safety alert system that improves emergency event communication enabling the business to coordinate a response quickly and efficiently.

Other benefits include:

  • wireless networking - each trigger uses rechargeable batteries and an internal SIM so no wiring is required
  • no specialist installation required = no additional investment on specialists
  • easily retrofitted, replacing outdated systems
  • real-time insights on individual nurse call unit power and connectivity status
  • an ability to change device locations or reassign wearables within 60 seconds
  • web-based user portal
  • 3rd party software integrations
  • single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • two-way notifications on nurse call triggers
  • event reporting for event analysis and process improvement

Our world-class operating system sets our systems apart from other systems in the market, particularly with a hardware + software solution. The centralised management and maintenance eliminates any guesswork from system management.












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