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If you know exactly what you need then get in touch with our sales team. Speak to them about joining our Vanguard Partner Program which provides members with special pricing, tailored solutions and added assistance from our tech team.

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If you have an idea of what you're after, or specific challenges you're seeking solutions for then we can help. A quick phone call with our sales team should help them understand what your system needs to achieve so they can build you a quote.

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Our sales team are more than happy to run through a demo of how our technology works:

  1. HOW the alert is raised
  2. HOW emergency personnel learn of the emergency
  3. WHAT information is shared about the emergency
  4. WHAT action was taken and by whom
  5. HOW the devices and system can be managed and maintained
  6. HOW the system can be customised to best suit your purposes


Vanguard Wireless combined nurse call system and evacuation system integrated


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Unit 1, 45-51 Huntley Street
Vanguard Wireless combined nurse call system and evacuation system

The Smartest Workplace Emergency Alert System On The Market