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The most common questions we receive regarding our business and services

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Who are Vanguard Wireless?

Vanguard Wireless is focused on delivering the latest technologies in nurse call and evacuation systems to the construction, industrial and healthcare industries. Our intention is to ensure that every project can incorporate a safety alert system onsite as a component of their safety management and emergency response plans. We’re focused on being at the forefront of design, engineering and manufacturing.

Where are Vanguard Wireless based?

Our head office and warehouse are in Sydney Australia, but we can ship our products everywhere.

How does Vanguard Wireless’ safety alert systems differ from others on the market?

We focus not only on safety alert system hardware, but also the software that makes usage easier: real time monitoring of connectivity and power, push notifications, reports and auditing, two-way notifications, response management. We have proprietary software built into our hardware which is also available in the form of a smartphone app (iOS and android). We have developed our technology in conjunction with our clients to ensure sites of any configuration can utilise a safety alert system.

Did Vanguard Wireless design the technology?

Yes – all of the hardware and software has been designed and manufactured by Vanguard Wireless.

Where do we sell your products?

Currently we have systems installed in Australia and New Zealand but can provide systems worldwide. Customers can install the system on their own, without the need for a specialist, within a day. We offer a comprehensive user guide and plenty of support from our customer success team.

Who uses our products?

We have clients in the construction, industrial and healthcare industries. For more insights into how our systems operate within these industries please get in touch. To read some of our client testimonials, click HERE (see bottom of page).

Can we come to your site to do a demo?

Depending on the size, location and requirements of your project, we can either run a demo in person or over the phone/internet. Speak to our sales team about what approach is possible for your project.

Can you be a reseller of your products?

Yes - get in touch with us to start the conversation.


What's a Nurse Call unit?

A nurse call unit is used to alert people on site to a medical emergency. It can come with or without a siren and can be wireless or hard wired. To read about our nurse call device options click HERE.

How does the Nurse Call unit work?

When a medical emergency occurs, the patient or someone else can trigger an alert to get a response from onsite safety personnel and emergency services. Vanguard Wireless’ nurse call units feature two-way notifications – which reassure the patient and/or injured worker by letting them know that the alert has been raised and is being responded to.

What's a TCU?

Short for touchscreen control unit, the TCU is our proprietary safety alert system manager and the primary method of managing the operations and maintenance of the safety alert system. To find out more click HERE.

How does the TCU (touchscreen control unit) work?

Using the TCU, you can activate or deactivate components, name or rename components, manage users, respond to nurse call and evacuation events, view connectivity and power of components in real time, run reports for auditing. The TCU works in conjunction with our smartphone app and SMS notifications.

How does the smartphone app work?

Once installed (free from the app store), users simply create an account and login using their site specific details. To find out more about how the app works click HERE.

Does the smartphone app work with all iOS/Android devices?

Yes – the smartphone app is available for both iOS and android devices and should work on most of them. If you are having trouble getting it to work on your device please get in touch and our tech team will look into it.

Does the smartphone app cost extra?

Yes – the smartphone app is part of a monthly subscription which includes the app and SMS alerts to key personnel in the event of an event or system issue. To find out more please speak to our sales team.

Are our products covered by a warranty?

Yes – our hardware is covered by a 12-month warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased should the hardware be required on site for more than 12 months, or if it’s going to be reused on another project. To learn more about our product warranties speak to our sales or customer success team.

Do you need special qualifications to manage and maintain our hardware or software?

No. Installation can be managed by anyone on your team who can use cable ties or a screwdriver and manage the system components (in conjunction with your safety management system) on the TCU and/or smartphone app. We offer our customers a comprehensive operation manual and a range of one page cheat sheets to ensure key personnel are aware of how to look after and use the system. We have designed our systems to be simple and intuitive.

Will you need an electrician to install the nurse call or evacuation devices?

No. Unless you intend on hard wiring the system on site, you don’t need an electrician to install, set-up, reconfigure, move or maintain the safety alert system. This can all be managed in house by you and your team.

How quickly will you receive your order?

Orders tend to be dispatched within one week of receiving a purchase order (PO).

How many Nurse Call Units or Evacuation Sirens will your site/workplace need?

How your system is designed depends largely on your site configuration (including range limitations or perceived connectivity obstructions), safety management plan requirements, budget, project status, and site needs. Our sales team can offer advice at the time of quoting. You can also read our blog about how to select/design a system by clicking HERE.

How much are our products?

The price of a safety alert system that suits your site or workplace requirements depends greatly on the configuration of where it needs to be installed, and what services you need it to perform. Hardware price depends on order volume and whether your business is part of our Vanguard Partnership Program. To find more about the program click HERE.

How do our cellular systems work?

In the rare instances where our mesh radio frequency devices can’t work due to specific site configurations and issues with range or obstructions – then our new cellular devices can do the job! Rather than using radio frequency to connect to the system, the cellular devices use cellular towers. They can be used in conjunction with mesh devices or on their own, and with the TCU and/or the smartphone app. Our sales team will build a system that works with your unique requirements and site/workplace challenges.


Can we help you design a system for your site or workplace?

Definitely! Once we understand what kind of project you’re managing, how many below and above ground levels you’re planning, and what the status is of your project, we can build a quote for you very quickly. If you're looking to retrofit our systems to an existing building, we can easily do this. Just get in touch with our sales team and they'll let you know what information they need.

Will you need us to install the Nurse Call unit/Evacuation unit/Evacuation siren/TCU (touchscreen control unit)?

We can manage the install for you or guide you through how to do it quickly at your end. We suggest allowing up to an half an hour per device but realistically once the device is hung in place, all you need to do is activate it and rename it (for ease of ongoing management). The same applies to moving devices – it’s easy for you to do this yourself however you can choose to get us involved.

As it's likely you'll be working with our mesh radio frequency devices, we recommend installing the closest ones to the TCU first, then building out your system from there. If you're using our smartphone app, you'll find this process incredibly easy with device status reported to the app in real time.

Can we stagger payment and delivery of your order?

Once an order is delivered, an invoice is generated by our finance department. However, your order can be split into several deliveries in order to work with the progress of the project. So for example, you may decide you need 16 Nurse Call units for your project, but you only want them to arrive on site four at a time. This is totally fine. Due to ease of installation you won't incur additional fees for approaching it this way as you can manage the installation yourself!

Do we offer training for you and your team?

When the system is first installed, we will induct all relevant personnel on your site on how to use and manage it. We also have a monthly product newsletter which shares information on how to get the most from your system, and we share a number of one page cheat sheets that can be shared with new team members or crew. Last but not least you will have access to a comprehensive client information portal. If you're on a remote site we can set aside time to deliver training remotely via a live webinar.

What is the Vanguard Wireless Partner Program?

This is a program that we invite clients to join who are using our safety alert systems on multiple locations and are adopting our systems across their company. To find out more get in touch with our sales team by clicking HERE.


How Can You Do X/Y/Z with the system you already have?

For questions regarding a system you already have on site or at your workplace, please get in touch with us by either calling or emailing using the details in the footer below. We have a number of one page cheat sheets we can share with you, and we can also direct you to the appropriate area of the operations manual. If none of that works then our customer success or sales team can jump on the phone or email through a video explainer.