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Vanguard Wireless TCU Managed Evacuation System & Smoke DetectorsSmart, Self Managed Emergency Alert Systems

Vanguard Wireless is at the forefront of delivering advanced, wireless communication solutions across Australia, New Zealand, and the wider APAC region. Our wireless evacuation systems and nurse call systems are designed to enhance safety and efficiency in high-demand industrial environments.

If you're looking to update your evacuation system or medical alert system at your business, look no further than a Vanguard Wireless emergency alert system. Comprised of one device or many, you can ensure your workers are protected by an innovative, wireless system that improves response times and communication in an emergency.

Designed For Your Needs

Do you want a simple evacuation trigger + evacuation siren combination? Do you want multiple triggers and sirens? Do you want a nurse call trigger or triggers incorporated into the functionality? Do you want lights or smoke sensors incorporated? 

Our team will work with you to design a system that fits the needs of your workers, your business, and your emergency plan.

Easy To Install Or Retrofit

Our systems are delivered as a plug-and-play solution, so all you need to do is power up the devices and select where to install them. No specialist installers or trades are required. They use an internal chip to establish a wireless connection between all the devices. Our wireless systems do not require expensive repeaters or cabling, making them perfect for retrofitting a system on an existing site. 

Our SuperM evacuation sirens are mains powered and our evacuation triggers and combined evacuation trigger + siren devices are battery powered. Our nurse call triggers and combined nurse call trigger + evacuation siren devices are also battery powered. 

Stand alone systems consist of triggers and sirens. TCU managed systems incorporate a control panel which help you self manage your system with real time device power and connectivity readings, adjustable settings, event management, and device editing. System managers can also opt into the smartphone app, SMS notifications, and web-based user portal.

Vanguard Wireless systems ensure swift, effective communication in times of emergency. Built for reliability and durability, our evacuation and nurse call systems give you peace of mind, supporting your emergency plan and operations.

Our most common systems for customers in this segment are below. To explore all our systems click HERE.



Stand Alone

Vanguard Wireless Standalone Evacuation System

If you're seeking a simple evacuation system comprised of one or more triggers and sirens, then consider our stand alone system.

  • No bells and whistles - just triggers and sirens
  • You choose how many triggers and sirens to install
  • Wireless networking via an internal chip
  • Alerts when device batteries are low



TCU Managed

Vanguard Wireless TCU Managed Evacuation System & Smoke Detectors

If you want more visibility and control over your evacuation system, then consider the addition of our control panel.

  • All evacuation triggers and sirens connect to the control panel (TCU)
  • View individual device power and connectivity status in real time
  • End evacuations, run tests, and view activity reports



Evacuation + Nurse Call

Vanguard Wireless combined nurse call system and evacuation system integrated

Our integrated systems include evacuation AND nurse call devices so your business can handle evacuation AND medical emergencies.

  • We'll design a system for you
  • Utilise a TCU (touchscreen control unit), smartphone app, and web-based user portal to help manage your system
  • Set up multi level authorisations for staff and key personnel









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