Vanguard Wireless Videos

Short videos demonstrating the benefits of our systems for your business, and the simplicity and ease of management and maintainenance

Our systems are built with you in mind

The 4th generation of our system addresses the primary frustrations for emergency system managers:

  1. Installation of a system that's easy for workers, managers, and businesses to use
  2. Visibility on your system's performance, including which devices are connected/disconnected, and the status of each device's power levels
  3. An ability to manage and maintain your system yourself (add/remove devices, add/remove users, replace batteries etc)
  4. A system that integrates with other third party hardware or software, such as project management software
  5. Most importantly, a system that can be customised to suit YOUR unique business requirements


Full VW Range-1


The following videos demonstrate features of Vanguard Wireless systems:


Vanguard Wireless Introduction

Who We Are - Video Intro

We've discovered there's a better way to design and build emergency evac and medical alert systems. The result is a system that delivers  real benefits for you, your team and your business.


Ease of changing the rechargeable batteries in Vanguard Wireless devices

Changing Batteries

All our sirens and triggers can be powered with rechargeable batteries, which have a charge length of roughly 8 months.


Evacuation test of Vanguard Wireless system on construction site-1

Testing Sirens

We recommend testing your sirens regularly - either individually or as a whole system. You can easily find this option in the TCU or smartphone app menu.


Vanguard Wireless  compact evacuation trigger + siren test

Compact Evac Range

Our new compact range was designed for customers who need big features in a small footprint. Here's the combined evac trigger + siren in action.


Vanguard Wireless Evac + Nurse Call devices on construction site

Products On Site

We supply systems to large multinational construction and civil works businesses, single project builders, assisted living organisations, factories and warehouses. Here's an installed system on a construction customer's site.


Vanguard Wireless  compact range system test

Configuring A Customer Order

Each customer order is assembled and configured at our warehouse in Sydney. Here our CEO Igor is testing an order for a customer using our new compact range.


Hardware and software integrations

Third Party Integrations

We've installed a number of systems in assisted living facilities which have required additional work to integrate with existing hardware and software. We can do the same for you.










Blog Posts & Articles

Useful information for businesses who are focused on safety, growth and development.

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To move your business into the 21st century you should be choosing businesses that are high tech, future proofed, and make your job easier.

Working With Human Error

If your workplace incorporates humans then there's always the risk of human error to contend with. In many instances it's not a case of IF but WHEN.

Digitizing Evacuations

A year, five years, 10 years - tech evolves and improves greatly over time. You should be making sure your emergency alert systems evolve as well.

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