Vanguard Wireless System Customisations

We offer you a number of options for your system that you can utilise on site

Adjustable evacuation siren settings

Adjustable Siren Settings

Every site is different with evacuation muster stations located at various distances from the site perimeter. Being able to adjust your siren settings means you can change the length of the siren sounding (anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes) and siren pattern (the number of seconds the siren is on and off over the course of the evacuation event). You can easily update these settings from your TCU in real time.

UHF radio integrationUHF Radio Integration

For systems that have a TCU, we can set up a UHF radio integration that audibly broadcasts evacuation and nurse call alerts over your radio network (one way). Audio messages will transmit exactly what is on the visual alert, including how/where the alert was triggered.

Just let us know at the time of placing the order what UHF system you are using.

Vanguard Wireless lockdown alerts

Lockdown Mode

Lockdowns are ideal for sites where there could be a trespasser or a personnel risk where you wish workers to remain in place until further investigation of the emergency can be carried out.

At no additional cost you can introduce a lockdown feature to your evacuation system which will allow you to initiate a lockdown first, then escalate to an evacuation.

Site Geofencing


Utilise the location services of your worker's mobile phones to isolate their locations in real time with geofencing.

If a worker's location is known to be outside the geofence, you can ensure they do not receive emergency alert or system messages.

You can also identify if they are still within the geofence during an emergency event - such as a full site lockdown or evacuation.

Vanguard Wireless virtual devices

Virtual Nurse Call Or Evacuation Triggers

A virtual device is one that exists in your list of devices but does not exist physically. It was created for customers who want their workers to be able to trigger a lockdown, evacuation, or medical alert with a clear emergency location, without having a physical trigger in that position that a member of the public could accidentally press.

Our customer care team can set this up in a matter of minutes on your behalf.

Vanguard Wireless user permissions customisationUser Permissions

When you set up user profiles for the Vanguard Wireless smartphone app, you can customise their access and event notifications, including:

  • Event SMS messages (nurse call or evacuation)
  • System SMS messages (TCU or device disconnected)
  • Ability to trigger an evacuation or nurse call emergency from the app
  • Ability to respond to a nurse call emergency from the app
  • Ability to end an evacuation emergency from the app

All of these can be edited from the web-based user portal at any time.










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