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What Is A Wireless Evacuation and Nurse Call System?

The rapid evolution of technology has transformed numerous aspects of our lives, and workplace safety is no exception. Emergency evacuation and nurse call systems are traditionally hard wired, but Vanguard Wireless utilise a range of technologies to ensure the devices that form part of the system communicate wirelessly. How and why do we do this?
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Five Answers To Common Emergency Evacuation System Questions

What's A Workplace Evacuation System? Fire is a potential hazard in all workplaces but some industries - particularly where there are open flames, flammable equipment, and sparks - are more of a risk than others. But fire isn't the only reason a workplace might need to be evacuated. There could be a gas leak, a security risk, or a structural issue. An evacuation system can be comprised of hardware like smoke sensors, evac triggers, and evac sirens, manual equipment like air horns and megaphones, or sometimes word of mouth. It's critical that whatever system configuration a workplace installs and uses takes into account the type of risk, the level of risk, and the speed with which workers are told what to do in order to take action. Clear communication about the event - and expectations for those on site - is imperative.
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Integrations That Improve Your Customer Experience

Integrations With HammerTech, Procore, & Irongate Solutions Many of our customers sit within the construction, civil works, and refurbishment industries. Historically low tech, innovative businesses are now looking at products and services that can assist them to digitise practices and processes that help them improve worker safety, project management, and operations.
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Six Answers To Nurse Call System Questions

What's A Nurse Call System? A nurse call system is what workers can use to trigger a medical emergency alert that enables other personnel to respond with first aid and/or call emergency services. Any workplaces where medical emergencies are more likely to occur should consider installing one.
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An Integration That Directly Improves Site Safety

In An Evacuation Emergency, How Will The Event Be Handled? When a site evacuation is required, the speed with which the workforce mobilises and evacuates the site is critical. Many businesses install some sort of evacuation notification system for workers but have you considered whether there's bottlenecks or friction in your process? Our construction customers identified a common problem with their site evacuations that we've worked with another supplier to solve.
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Waste Management In The Construction Industry

The Construction Industry Has A Waste Problem Did you know Australia’s construction and demolition industry generates more than 27 million tonnes of waste production each year? It's the largest source of managed waste in Australia. While generated on Australian building sites, not all waste is diverted to our domestic landfills. We export glass, plastic, tyres, paper/cardboard, and some hazardous waste. However this will no longer be the status quo.
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