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Working With Human Error

‘Human Error’ has long been identified as a contributing factor to incident causation Commonly cited statistics claim that human error is responsible for anywhere between 70-100% of workplace safety incidents. While it's tempting as a business to apportion blame to a person or group of people, it ignores conditions and processes that may have contributed to the incident. It also highlights that no matter how 'safe' your workplace is, there's always a chance that a workplace emergency will occur when humans are involved.
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Digitizing Evacuations

Your Emergency System Should Be Evolving Traditional evacuation systems require a fair amount of specialist installation, management and maintenance because they tend to be hard wired and permanently positioned. They also use a ‘press and guess’ approach in that there’s little visibility on the system’s power or connectivity. That leads to a high level of assumption that when a worker triggers an alert, the system will work. But in an emergency event that’s not good enough. Technology is constantly evolving to utilise 21st-century innovations and the powerful computer we’re all carrying around in our pockets. Emergency systems should be evolving as well.
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Customisations Value You, The Customer

We live in a high tech world Every industry is embracing digital innovation to maximise business opportunities and take advantage of benefits like enhanced agility and process improvement. Digital technologies are constantly evolving to utilise 21st century innovations and the powerful computer we’re all carrying around in our pockets.
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