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What Is The 'Hierarchy Of Controls' System?

When it comes to construction sites, safety and health should always be the top priority. With the construction industry facing its fair share of hazards, it's crucial for construction safety professionals to employ a systematic approach such as the Hierarchy of Controls.
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Why We Embraced An Online Knowledge Base

Digitizing Our Instruction Manual & User Guides Late 2021 we migrated our instruction manual and user guides to an online knowledge base app. As one of the most innovative plug-and-play evacuation and nurse call system providers in the APAC region, we realised that providing our customers with a printed guide upon receipt of their system didn't align with our business philosophy OR our customer's requirements ongoing. We see the benefits as follows:
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Six Ways Drones Can Improve Safety at Your Construction Site

Sites That Evolve On A Daily Basis Can Be Riskier For Workers Construction sites are full of heavy equipment and risky working conditions, so safety is always a concern. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to create safer working conditions for construction workers and introduce efficiency in monitoring construction sites. Even though drones entered the scene as a novelty, the technology has now found widespread applications in many industries. One such important application of drone technology is on construction sites.
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Key Construction Market Trends For 2022

Adoption Can Assist You To Remain Competitive Process Digitisation: this includes smart evacuation and medical alert systems, the use of drones to inspect hard-to-access areas, the emergence of robots to handle dangerous tasks, and installation environmental sensors that detect changes and alert personnel so workers can be evacuated.
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