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Why We Embraced An Online Knowledge Base

Posted by Simone Poulter | Jan 10, 2022 10:48:13 AM

Digitizing Our Instruction Manual & User Guides 

Late 2021 we migrated our instruction manual and user guides to an online knowledge base app. As one of the most innovative plug-and-play evacuation and nurse call system providers in the APAC region, we realised that providing our customers with a printed guide upon receipt of their system didn't align with our business philosophy OR our customer's requirements ongoing. We see the benefits as follows:

Quickly Find Information

With a search bar, single subject folders, getting started section, and troubleshooting section, it's easy to find information specific to your needs, whether it's how to set up or edit app users, how to run tests and download reports, or how to monitor a device's power and connectivity.


Information At Your Fingertips

Another benefit of moving our instruction manual online is that it can be accessed by customers from a phone, tablet or computer. This also means it can be accessed on site where it's needed - for example standing in front of a siren while learning how to run a test, or learning how to view the strength of a device's connection when repositioning it on site. All customers need to do is scan the QR code or find it within their User Portal dashboard.



As a business we launch new product improvements and features on a monthly basis and can only update this information with an online solution. Physical manuals are also a hassle to store and keep track of - for example it's unlikely new staff are going to 1) know where the manual is 6 months after receipt and 2) want to waste time searching for it, then searching for the answer which may or may not be outdated. An online Knowledge Base offers the most up to date information.


It's Adaptable

All sections allow for users to provide commentary - did the answer help them, did they find anything confusing, would they like something amended to include or link to more information. Videos and graphics can also be accessed.  


With section for all sorts of system configurations - standalone evacuation, evacuation, nurse call, integrated, virtual - all customer requirements are accommodated. All new orders will receive a User Guide and Knowledge Base posters for display in their office. More can be provided upon request!

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Written by Simone Poulter