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The Benefit of Plug-and-Play Evacuation and Nurse Call Systems

Posted by Ed Tancred | Apr 4, 2024 5:48:51 PM

When you're reviewing workplace evacuation or nurse call systems, a key consideration is how easy and cost effective the system will be to install and manage. It's likely you have a worker or team or workers who are in charge of on-site safety, but you don't want the new system to be frustrating in its complication or ease of use. It needs complement or improve your existing emergency plan and workplace response to an evacuation or medical emergency.

This is why we've approached the design of our systems with the customer experience in mind. We offer a smart yet simple plug-and-play emergency alert solution. But what exactly does that mean?

What Is A Plug and Play System?

Plug and play (sometimes called PnP) is defined as a system " which peripherals are automatically detected and configured by the operating system." In technology PnP refers to the ability of a computer or device to automatically recognise and configure compatible hardware components without requiring manual intervention or additional software installation. It's ready to use immediately.

Prior to delivery an Orisent evacuation or nurse call system has all the devices 'learned in' to the system network so when you receive it and power the devices up, they automatically connect to one another to form the communications network. With a standalone evacuation system - which just includes evacuation triggers and sirens - the devices connect to one another. With a software supported system - managed via our touchscreen control unit (TCU), smartphone app, and/or web-based user portal - the devices connect to one another and also to the TCU (if using a radio frequency network) or Orisent cloud server (if using a cellular network). You don't need to program anything other than change the name of the device (if you're using a software supported system) to describe its location so emergency responders know where to go.

How Does It Work?

When you purchase an Orisent evacuation system or nurse call system, you don’t need to worry about spending extensive time getting it ready for use. For many of our customers, this is a critical reason why they chose our systems.

To get started all you need to do is advise us where you want devices to be installed so our sales team can design the best system layout for you. The system will work as intended as it's set up and tested in our warehouse first. It doesn't matter whether you're located in metro areas such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Perth, or in more regional areas like Newcastle, Tamworth, or Kalgoorlie. Our innovative product designs mean the system has zero range limitations. You can install the main part of the system on site, and secondary devices kilometres away. The most important aspect is the establishment of the radio frequency and/or cellular communications network, which controls how your devices 'talk' to one another.

The devices themselves are very simple. The evacuation triggers or nurse call triggers feature a single touch button that workers use to create the alert, which is transmitted to the rest of the system wirelessly. If it's an evacuation, the connected sirens will sound, and an alert will be sent nominated users of the optional smartphone app. If it's a nurse call, the alert will be pushed to the TCU and optional smartphone app, which emergency response personnel can choose to Accept or Decline to respond to. Nurse call systems can also have wireless sirens and lights added as well.

Can You Add More Devices?

Yes. Adding more devices to your existing system takes less than a minute.

Our systems are designed as temporary or permanent installations. If you operate a construction site and you’re looking for a nurse call system or an evacuation system, you can install a handful of devices when groundworks begin and continue adding more devices as the project expands. Then once the project is completed, you can take that emergency alert system and install it on your next site.

If you operate an industrial facility, warehouse, or factory, you can have your system permanently installed in less than hour without the need for specialist trades or expensive retrofitting costs such as building rewiring. 

Our customer service team will work with you closely on installation, worker induction, and ongoing management.

Is It Cost Effective?

Yes, by selecting an Orisent emergency alert system - either evacuation triggers and sirens only, or nurse call only, or a combination of the two - you are investing in a future-proofed solution. Our business is constantly innovating by adding features such as software integrations with Procore, HammerTech, and Irongate Solutions, or offering Bluetooth connected wearable nurse call triggers and smoke detectors that offer further protection for workers and your business assets. 

The wireless configuration of Orisent's systems ensure your safety teams can efficiently and effectively manage their time, whether they're setting the system up, inducting workers, reviewing a device's status, creating smartphone app users, responding to alerts, running tests, or relocating the system to another area or site for reuse.


What system are you using now? What could the installation of an Orisent evacuation or nurse call system do for your workplace? What features do you need? Lets have a quick discussion and we'll design a system for you today.

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Written by Ed Tancred

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