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Posted by Simone Poulter | Jan 22, 2024 4:32:13 PM

Emergencies can strike at any moment, and when they do, every second counts. The ability for workers, safety personnel, and emergency response teams to respond rapidly and efficiently can mean the difference between life and death, as well as the prevention of severe injuries and property damage. 

We design and manufacture smart evacuation and nurse call systems for all sorts of workplaces. Customers include demolition and construction businesses, mining operators, offices, wellness centres, warehouses, manfucaturing plants, schools, assisted living facilities, and industrial facilities. Systems are designed for each site’s specific needs, which could include evacuation triggers, nurse call triggers, evacuation sirens, fire panels, worker SOS wearables, smoke detectors, lights, and a control panel, all underpinned by a powerful operating system.

Dual-Function Devices

Our most popular product is our combined nurse call trigger and evacuation siren, a dual-function device that enables workers to trigger a one-to-many alert during a medical emergency, and clearly tells those on site they need to evacuate with a small but powerful evacuation siren. The device is compact, weighing less than 1 kilogram, and its wireless configuration means it’s easily installed and relocated. Most customers use it with rechargeable batteries, but it can also use mains power or a solar charger. 

As with our other devices, emergency response personnel receive the alert message with the type and time of the alert, combined with precise event location information, empowering them team to coordinate a response quickly, improving outcomes for all involved. It connects wirelessly to other devices on the network via an internal radio frequency chip.

The colourful backboard helps you and your business to visually demonstrate your commitment to the safety and well-being of your workers and sub-contractors. It’s also easier to see the device from a distance. With a range of up to 400m and at least three months between battery charges required, these devices will revolutionising workplace safety communications.

Accidents Happen

Our customers recognise that emergencies can happen regardless of how safe their business and workers are. Medical emergencies such as strokes, heart attacks, heat exhaustion, and breathing difficulties can occur at any time. Human error is also a factor; if workers are distracted, feeling time pressure, suffering from mental health issues, or have trouble communicating, they can make mistakes which can lead to a medical or evacuation emergency on site.

Our customers prioritise safety as part of their culture and reinforce that with a system that’s tailored to their worker’s safety needs.

The Best Nurse Call and Evacuation System

A key feature of our systems is flexibility. You can add or remove devices as your site evolves, and reuse systems on another site. The combined nurse call trigger and evacuation siren can be used with all of our other devices, or just with a control panel. The evacuation siren can be activated by an evacuation trigger, the smartphone app, or control panel. If enabled, it can also receive Bluetooth signals from our wireless smoke detectors and wearable nurse call devices.

As with our other devices, there are multiple ways to notify and respond to emergency alerts. OHS/EHS personnel can be alerted via the smartphone app, SMS alerts, control panel, sirens, and lights. You control who has access to the app and what their permissions are.

Integrations To Improve Your Experience

You can also integrate your system with project management apps such as Procore and HammerTech, or site security service providers such as turnstile and gate business Irongate Solutions. In the event of an evacuation, Vanguard Wireless’s systems trigger the gates to automatically unlock during the event to facilitate a fast evacuation from the site to the muster point.

Our wireless alarm systems offer many benefits such as minimal retrofitting costs, no specialist installers, time savings, and a safer workplace with a seamless emergency communication platform.

 Set up a demonstration to understand why selecting a Vanguard Wireless evacuation system or nurse call alarm system is the right choice.

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Written by Simone Poulter

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