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Innovative Emergency Systems

A wireless safety alert system can be focused on evacuation, nurse calls, or combination of the two. It alerts everyone on site of the emergency and assists key personnel to act quickly.


Our systems work on temporary sites like construction, permanent sites like mines, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, and high dependency sites like assisted living homes, retirement villages, and nursing homes. We can integrate with existing hardware and the wireless configuration ensures retrofitting costs are kept low.


Not all systems are the same. 

Vanguard Wireless evacuation and nurse call systems are designed with you and your business challenges in mind; we understand that you want something simple and reliable that alerts you to issues in real time. We also understand you want to save time with an innovative and proactive user interface that allows you to get on with the job.


Early actions taken during a medical or evacuation emergency are critical, impacting the outcome in a myriad of ways.

When selecting which devices to use, firstly you need to consider how this system will fit with your business' emergency plan. Different businesses operate under varied environmental and working conditions, so the emergency plan should be tailored to your situation.

Secondly you need to consider how you want you and your team to manage your system. This applies to both the management and maintenance. How manual or automated do you want this to be? How much time can you devote to it? What kind of reporting do you need?

Lastly you need to consider how you want the system - and your team - to respond to an emergency event. When an evacuation or medical emergency occurs who needs to know and when? Do you want to set up different authorisations? Would you like key personnel to be involved in communication? How will you notify everyone on site? Do you want to?

These are just some of the questions you should answer to ensure the system you install is 100% tailored to your business needs and processes.


We are here to help you!

If you're unsure of what you want, our customer success team can assist you to develop a Best In Class process and system. 

If you'd like to read further, we've written an article which outlines eight questions you should discuss as a business. Click HERE to read it.


Evacuation Only Systems

This type of system is used in the event you need to trigger a full or partial workplace evacuation. These can be comprised of any number of evacuation triggers and sirens. The system can be managed using our TCU (touchscreen control unit), smartphone app or can be set up as a stand-alone system (our most simple option).

Evacuation devices have come a long way from a simple button and siren. If you're happy with anyone triggering an evacuation, and every siren indicating to everyone on site to immediately evacuate, then you're after a simple system which we can definitely deliver.

BUT if you're seeking a smarter system then you've come to the right place.

You can select to manage your system with our proprietary smartphone app. This allows you and key personnel to monitor and manage evacuation triggers and individual sirens on site and remotely. This option delivers true flexibility.


You can select to manage your system with our TCU (touchscreen control unit). The TCU can sit in the site office, head office, or next to your desk. If you're using a mesh RF network, then the TCU just needs to be within range of the system. If you're using a cellular network, the range is unlimited.


Or as mentioned earlier, if you're seeking a super simple solution then you need our stand alone evacuation system, which is just based on a trigger and a siren.



Nurse Call Only Systems

In the event of a medical emergency you need to raise an alert with key personnel in a matter of seconds. In a stressful time it can be easy to panic, which is why having a simple system that pushes the alert out to multiple personnel, and features two-way communication to reassure the injured worker, is important.

Nurse call units are popular with businesses where staff are exposed to potential danger on an above average basis (such as the construction industry) or businesses that want to retrofit a system for their patients (such as assisted living facility). 

Our mesh radio frequency nurse call units are ideal for work sites where distance or obstructions are not an issue. Nurse call devices are placed in a mesh (generally < 1000m from one another) and managed by our TCU (touchscreen control unit). Our smartphone app can also be incorporated to deliver true flexibility.


Our cellular nurse call units are ideal for work sites which are likely to experience issues with range or obstructions. They can work on their own or in conjunction with mesh devices. A 100% cellular system enables you to manage the entire system with our smartphone app - no TCU required.



Integrated Systems

If you want evacuation + nurse call system functionality then you need an integrated system. The system can be comprised of as many evacuation and nurse call devices as required. You can select from a mesh radio frequency network, cellular network or a combination of the two. 



Compact Range

If you want a system with dual functionality but space is a challenge then explore our compact range. We have:

  • Evac trigger + nurse call trigger + siren
  • Nurse call trigger + light + siren, and
  • Evac trigger + light + siren
All devices rely on a mesh RF connection so you'll need a TCU to monitor and manage it (unless you select to install a stand alone solution). These devices can all be combined with our others. 





Whatever your workplace configuration or site challenges are, we have a device and system that will work for you.










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