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Evacuation System - App Managed

Easily manage your evacuation system with our innovative smartphone app

Evacuation System - Smartphone Managed-1

What's An Evacuation System?

Risks for workers within certain industries are higher than others due to additional hazards within the operating environment. If it's feasible that your workplace or job site may need to be evacuated, then you need an evacuation system that can be relied upon to do the job.

An evacuation system is generally comprised of a trigger, which alerts key personnel on site to the evacuation emergency, and sirens, which quickly tell everyone that an evacuation needs to take place.

The configuration of your workplace and your emergency response plan will determine how many triggers and sirens you should install, and how these devices should be monitored and managed.

Vanguard Wireless’ innovative evacuation triggers and sirens address traditional barriers to installing and using an evac system: they’re simple to install, simple to manage and simple to maintain – all by your own team.


The Benefit Of An App Managed System

If you choose to install cellular connected evacuation devices, or a siren only system, you can select to monitor and manage your system just with our smartphone app.

Vanguard Wireless’ smartphone app removes all speculation by leaving nothing to chance. With the app you can:

  • View individual unit power and connectivity status in real time
  • Be alerted to when a device is low on power or has lost connection
  • Easily reposition a device to improve connectivity
  • Run tests, manage user authorisations, view activity reports - all from your smartphone

By using the smartphone app to manage your evacuation system, you can monitor and authorise activity without needing to be on site.


In An Evacuation Event You Can...

  • Send push notifications to key personnel
  • Monitor who Accepts/Declines to respond to a nurse call alert
  • Authorise a full or partial site evacuation
  • Test devices together or individually
  • Monitor system events remotely
  • View activity reports for auditing purposes

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app can accommodate up to 50 registered users at a time. To understand what the smartphone app can do for you and your business please get in touch.

To learn more about the app click HERE.


Simple To Install

  • Wireless construction – no specialist installation
  • Installed in minutes – learn it into the central system, locate it, name it, monitor it
  • Easily retrofitted


Simple To Manage

  • Real time individual unit power and connectivity status updates
  • Single button alert triggers and cancellations
  • Event reporting
  • Optional SMS notifications











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