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A System To Suit Every Business

If you operate a business in a large building or high risk environment, where needing to evacuate or respond to a medical emergency quickly is paramount, then you need to install a safety alert system.

A safety alert system can be focused on evacuation, nurse calls, or combination of the two. It alerts everyone on site of the emergency and assists key personnel to act quickly.

However not all systems are the same. A common problem with traditional safety alert system designs is that they use older operating systems, they're not digital, and they require a fair amount of specialist management and maintenance.

Vanguard Wireless systems are designed with you and your business challenges in mind; we understand that you want something simple and reliable that alerts you to issues in real time. We also understand you want to save time with an innovative and proactive user interface that allows you to get on with the job.


Incorporating A System As Part Of Your Emergency Management Plan

Regardless of your business size or location, you should have some sort of emergency plan prepared for your workplace, and have systems in place to provide workers with an effective means of communication with management and responsible personnel. This is because the early actions taken during a medical or evacuation emergency are critical, impacting the outcome in a myriad of ways.

The emergency plan should cover  your business’ emergency procedures, how those procedures are tested, documented and how personnel are trained on those procedures ongoing.

Your emergency response - which would include how you use our safety alert system - should be part of that plan. If you are seeking to install OR retrofit a safety alert system then Vanguard Wireless' systems are perfect for your needs.


Every Business Is Different

We've suggested our most popular systems based on your industry, but if you don't find what you're looking for then we can design something specifically for your situation.

To get started, click on your industry below.


Construction industry


Easily installed, easily relocated, easily managed. Automated system updates on power and connectivity. Cellular and mesh RF networking options = zero range limitations.

Industrial industries


Select from TCU and smartphone app management options, or install as a stand alone system. Wireless configuration makes for simple retrofitting in any environment.

Healthcare industry


Save thousands on retrofitting costs with our wireless devices and intuitive management system. Maximise patient and student protection with proactive, real-time alerts.

Education industry


Install a simple system to send discreet emergency alerts to key personnel, and quickly conduct site lockdowns or evacuations. Save thousands on retrofitting costs.










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