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Orisent: Vanguard Wireless's Evolution Reflects a Future-Driven Vision

Posted by Igor Kazagrandi | Aug 15, 2023 2:30:33 PM

Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of workplace emergency response systems, Vanguard Wireless, is excited to announce its transformation to Orisent, accompanied by a refreshed corporate logo.

This change heralds an exciting era for the company, spotlighting our commitment to pioneering advancements in the field of workplace safety. As we set our sights on the North American market, Orisent is ready to showcase its innovative nurse call and evacuation systems.

What sets Orisent apart is its holistic approach to safety. Our systems not only quickly alert to evacuations or medical emergencies but also guide actions in real-time, allowing emergency personnel to make data-driven decisions, ensuring optimum safety.

Proudly being the only provider to offer a combined hardware and software package anchored by proprietary technology, Orisent's visionary approach provides customers with a resilient safety solution for the future.

Embracing the essence of collaboration and forward-thinking, we work diligently with stakeholders to craft systems that redefine workplace safety standards. Our technological suite, combined with unparalleled customer service, has transformed workplace safety across the APAC region. Moreover, collaborations with leading North American entities promise to set global benchmarks in safety innovation.

From our humble beginnings in 2017, launching an emergency alert system at a single construction site, we've grown exponentially. Today, we're represented across 600 sites with close to 10,000 devices. As we venture into North America, we're eager to introduce our revolutionary technology to innovators in the construction realm.

In this new chapter, collaborations with integration partners like Procore, HammerTech, and Irongate Solutions will pave the way for Orisent's entry into over 1.5 million construction businesses in North America.

As we transition from Vanguard Wireless, our vision remains steadfast: to establish Orisent as a global standard-bearer, committed to enhancing workplace safety universally.


A few words from our leadership:

The North American expansion heralds a new horizon of possibilities. Our mission has always been to enhance workplace safety, and Orisent will only further that commitment. We're dedicated to providing workers with the essential tools to navigate emergencies effectively. 

Igor Kazagrandi, Orisent CEO

Our North American journey is a testament to our relentless pursuit of a world where safety isn't a luxury but a norm. With Orisent, businesses will be empowered with cutting-edge solutions that prioritise workforce safety at every stage.

Ed Tancred, Orisent Vice President - Sales

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Written by Igor Kazagrandi

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