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Reusing Your Vanguard Wireless System

Posted by Simone Poulter | Nov 22, 2019 1:08:26 PM

While we love to sell customers new systems, there are occasions where an existing system is no longer required for a completed site but could be used wholly or partially at another site.

Reusing a Vanguard Wireless nurse call or evacuation device – or a group of them – has numerous environmental and budgetary benefits. From an environmental perspective, reuse helps to save energy, limits pollution, conserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emission. From a budgetary perspective, it reduces the amount you need to invest in a system on another site. Provided the devices are in good working order and have been used in accordance with the operations manual, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t reuse.


When your safety alert system is no longer required on that particular site, you need to decommission it. First thing you need to do is tell us so we discontinue monitoring it via our head office. We also suggest doing one more system test so you can ensure each device is working properly before you store them away.

Next you should remove all the rechargeable batteries from all the devices. This will extend the battery life and eliminate any risk of battery leakage (particularly if the devices will be decommissioned indefinitely).

Lastly, you should turn off your TCU (if you have been using one) and inform any workers on site that the system has been decommissioned.

We encourage you to store all devices in a secure area that’s not susceptible to extreme weather or damage. Alternatively, we can store the system components on your behalf (just ask). You may prefer this option as it will save time and money when recommissioning the system as there’s quite a lot we can do before getting to site (for example refurbish components, recharge batteries, and update software).


Once you’re ready to reuse your system please let us know, so we can assign a new site address. We’ll need to know who the primary contact is on site, and whether user authorisations need to be updated.

We can also use the opportunity to discuss the system configuration, and whether you need additional devices to ensure optimum operability. We can also run through the instructions for setting up your system again OR you can book in a site visit from our installation team.

You will need to ensure there’s internet connectivity at the new site (or use SIM enabled devices) and renew your software licence to enable the smartphone app and SMS capability. When you notify us of your intention to recommission we can discuss your options further.

Prior to installation, it’s important you make sure everything you need is on site. This includes system components, recharged batteries (enough for every device), and any cables you need. Consider how your devices will connect, and how they will be powered.

Next you need to identify who needs to be set up on the system as key personnel, including the System Admin Manager. The System Admin Manager will be our primary contact for the management and maintenance of the system and we will regularly send them system status updates (via SMS), product news, instructions on existing or new features, and reminders to install software updates. Key personnel will need to be inducted into how to use the system, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

If our installation team is required, please allow three hours and a call out fee. They can help you set up the system, edit users, and add passwords. The system will be tested at the end of the installation to make sure it’s all working properly. Ideally all key personnel can attend the induction.

Get in touch

Fully or partially reusing your Vanguard Wireless safety alert system is a great way to approach your next project in a sustainable manner. The first step is to get in touch with our customer care team.

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Written by Simone Poulter